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India: Implementing the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing: Emerging Legal Challenges, 2021

Deva Prasad M & Suchithra Menon C

Environmental Policy and Law, March 2021

DOI : 10.3233/EPL-200241

Share buybacks in India, 2020

Ajit Dayanandan, Han Donker, Sudershan Kuntluru & John Nofsinger

Research in International Business and Finance, December 2020


Ripples on financial networks, 2020

Sudarshan Kumar, Avijit Bansal & Anindya S. Chakrabarti

The European Journal of Finance, October 2020


Positive Accounting Theory and Agency Costs: A Critical Perspective, 2020

Jagriti Srivastava & Pankaj Kumar Baag

AIMS International Journal of Management, July 2020

DOI : 10.26573/2020.14.2.3

Disentangling shock diffusion on complex networks: identification through graph planarity, 2020

Sudarshan Kumar, Tiziana Di Matteo, Anindya S Chakrabarti

Journal of Complex Networks, June 2020


Case Analysis II: City Union Bank: Residual Income Approach to Valuation, 2020

S. S. S. Kumar

Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective, August 2020


Productivity, relative sectoral prices, and total factor productivity: Theory and evidence, 2021

Kausik Gangopadhyay & Debasis Mondal

Economic Modelling, July 2021


Adoption of symbolic versus substantive sustainability practices by lower-tier suppliers: a behavioural view, 2021

M. S. Shalique, Sidhartha S. Padhi, Jayanth Jayaram & Rupesh K. Pati

International Journal of Production Research, June 2021


Counterproductive Work Behavior by Drivers of Platform Based Cab Aggregators in India: A Human Rights Perspective, 2021

Surya Prakash Pati & Manoranjan Dhal

Japan Labor Issues, July 2021

The Role of ICT and Effect of National Culture on Human Development, 2021

Parvathi Jayaprakash & R Radhakrishna Pillai

Journal of Global Information Technology Management, July 2021


‘To Trust or Not’: Impact of camouflage strategies on trust in the sharing economy, 2021

Viswanathan Venkateswaran, Deepak S Kumar & Deepak Gupta

Journal of Business Research, 2021


Risk-sensitive Basel regulations and firms access to credit: Direct and indirect effects, 2021

Balagopal Gopalakrishnan, Joshy Jacob & Sanket Mohapatra

Journal of Banking & Finance, May 2021


Consumer response towards social media advertising: Effect of media interactivity, its conditions and the underlying mechanism, 2020

Sreejesh S, Justin Paul, Carolyn Strong, & Jose Piuse

International Journal of Information Management, October 2020


You are so embarrassing, still, I hate you less! Investigating consumers brand embarrassment and brand hate, 2020

Abhigyan Sarkar, Juhi Gahlot Sarkar, Sreejesh S, M. R. Anusree & Bikramjit Rishi

Journal of Brand Management (, 2020


Resolving complaints online: development and validation of customers perceived webcare scale, 2020

Sreejesh S, Justin Paul & Anandakuttan B Unnithan

Journal of Strategic Marketing, July 2020


Addressing service failure and initiating service recovery in online platforms: literature review and research agenda, 2020

Manu C & Sreejesh S

Journal of Strategic Marketing, June 2020


Examining the Mechanisms Linking Work-Related Conflicts and Employee Well-Being: A Mediation Model, 2020

Vijay Kuriakose, Sreejesh S & Heerah Jose

American Business Review, November 2020

DOI : 10.37625/abr.23.2.260-282

Consumers Responses to Tie-In Brand Purchase Intention in Event Sponsorships, 2020

Sreejesh S, Juhi Gahlot Sarkar & Abhigyan Sarkar

Event Management, December 2020


Dynamics of variance risk premium: Evidence from India, 2020

Ganesh Sankar, Shankar Ramachandran & Jijo Lukose P J

International Review of Economics & Finance, November 2020


Increasing Shareholder Activism: A Challenge for the Managers Across Governance Systems, 2020

S. Subramanian

IUP Journal of Corporate Governance, July 2020

Strategic selection of VMI replenishment policy with emission costs: an analytical approach, 2020

Arqum Mateen, Abhishek Srivastava & Ashis Kumar Chatterjee

Decision, December 2020


Forex interventions and exchange rate exposure: Evidence from emerging market firms, 2020

Ekta Sikarwar

Economic Modelling, December 2020


Knowledge hiding, conscientiousness, loneliness and affective commitment: a moderated mediation model, 2020

Neha Garg & Payal Anand

International Journal of Educational Management, September 2020


Does cross-border acquisition reduce earnings management of emerging market acquirers? Evidence from India, 2021

Priyesh Valiya Purayil & Jijo Lukose P. J.

International Review of Finance, February 2021


An enhanced branch-and-price algorithm for the integrated production and transportation scheduling problem, 2021

Peiyang He, Kunpeng Li & P. N. Ram Kumar

International Journal of Production Research, February 2021

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