Conference Papers

Publication Year

Championing Green Initiatives: Recompensing or Satisficing, 2021

Venkataraman, S.

Filling institutional voids: Operations capability and capital markets, 2021

George, N.

Bank Monitoring and Delinquency of Micro Business Borrowers, 2021

Kavitha, P. & Baag, P. K.

BAPCPA and Chapter 11 Outcomes, 2021

Abidi, Q.

Booking Experience in Tourism, 2021

Sugathan, P.

Blockchain Implications on Internal and external auditing processes, 2021

Swain, A. K. & Kuntluru, S.

Trust Evaluation in Online Social Networks, 2021

Shah, C. S. & Sebastian, M. P.

Case Study – IL&FS Collapse: Audit, Policy and Economics of Reporting Regulation, 2021

Shaji, K. V. & Baag, P. K.

Corporate Governance in Public Sector Banks and the issue of Growing NPA, 2021

Baag, S. & Baag, P. K.

Corporate Governance Issues in Commercial Bank Loans at Inception Stage, 2021

Baag, P. K.

Creative Accounting and Corporate Frauds: An Alternate View, 2021

Karthik, N. & Baag, P. K.

CSR during Covid-19: A crisis-fuelled opportunity for enlightened capitalism, 2021

Venkataraman, S.

Blockchain in Operations: A Bibliometric Analysis, 2021

Dhobale, J., Pandey, V. & Rath, S. K.

Understanding Game Reviews, 2021

Sugathan, P.

Erosion of Ethics in Credit Derivative: A Case Study, 2021

Kumar, S. & Baag, P. K.

Ethicality of Earnings Management Practices, 2021

Aneesha, M. A. & Baag, P. K.

Synthesizing and Exploring Selected Works on Interpretive Accounting Research, 2021

Chacko, K. T. & Baag, P. K.

Implementing Cross-Border International Insolvency Law in India, 2021

Narayan, S.

Non-Personal Data and Public Interest- Envisaging A Robust Policy Framework, 2021

Deva Prasad, M.

The ‘New Space’ and Emerging Challenges for the International Space Law Framework, 2021

Deva Prasad, M.

One Nation One Market Project- Identifying challenges and way forward, 2021

Umesh, B. M., Dutta, A. & Pati, R. K.

Understanding Reverse Piercing of Corporate Veil in Indian Context, 2021

Baag, S. & Baag, P. K.

The Indian Bankruptcy Law Experience, 2021

Abidi, Q.

Teaching with interesting examples, 2021

Sugathan, P.

Spillover Effects of High-tech Innovation on Customer Trust, 2021

Thomas, J.
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