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Analyzing the poverty situation in India Using a multidimensional approach

Debayan Pakrashi, Chitwan Lalji, Ayush Agrawal

Agrarian Performance and Food Price Inflation in India, Indian Economy Since Independence, 29th Edition, authored by Uma Kapila, Published by Academic Foundation

Nair, S.R., & Eapen, L.M

Book Chapter: 13: Role of Indian regulators and government in expanding financial access to the poor, Financial Inclusion in India: Issues, opportunities and challenges

Baag, P.K., & Kandpal , V.

Open Innovation, The Routledge Handbook of InnovationManagement.(Eds.)Jin Chen,Wong Poh Kam,Eric Viardot and Alexander Brem. Taylor & Francis Publishing (Forthcoming)

Piller, F., Mitra, S., Mitra, S.G., Chen,Y., & Vanhavebeke, W.

Harnessing the Digital Marketplace in India: Revolutionary Growth, Challenges and Opportunities, Digital Marketplaces Unleashed, Linnhoff-Popien, Claudia, Schneider, Ralf, Zaddach, Michael. Springer,Page nos 839-854.

Ramachandran, L.L., Sebastian, M.P., & Pillai, R. R.

Role of Indian ICT Organisations in Realising Sustainable Development Goals Through Corporate Social Engagement, Digital India - Reflections and Practice, Kar, Arpan Kumar, Sinha, Shuchi, Gupta, M. P. Springer, Page nos 49

Parvathi J. & Pillai, R. R.

Internationalization of Emerging- Market Firms: The Contingent Role of Board Capability, International Business Strategy, Raghunath, S, Rose, Elizabeth L, Palgrave Macmillan, 43-67

Sandeep, S. Sahasranamam, S. & Rose, E. L.

Consulting at Indian Hygiene Products Limited: Entry and Contracting, Cases and Exercises in Organization Development & Change (2nd Ed.)., 93-104, (editors) Donald L. Anderson SAGE Publications, Inc

Chatterjee, D. & Krishnan, T. N.

Selling science through university entrepreneurship: Debates and implications for emerging economies, A. Stachowicz-Stanusch & G. Mangia, Dark Sides of Business and Higher Education Management, Volume II, Business Expert Pres

Chatterjee, D.

Revolution Ventures, Strategic Marketing Cases in emerging Markets, Springer Publication

Adhikari, A.& Roy, S. K.

Tanishq: Bringing Jewellery to Daily Life, Strategic Marketing Cases in emerging Markets, Springer Publication

Adhikari, A. Shankaran, R. & Kharkhanis, T.

Sustainable ICT Practices and CSR: An Analysis of Indian Scenario, Corporate Social Responsibility, edited by BS Sahay, Satyasiba Das, Bhasker Chatterjee, Gayatri Subramanian, & R Venkata Rao

Jayaprakash, P. & Pillai, R. R.

The combined use of formal and informal ethics training in the Indian IT comparlies, International business strategy: Perspectives on implementtion in emerging markets, 357 -384. Editors (S. Raghunath &

Verma, P. & Mohapatra, S.

Addressing Emerging Cybercrimes: A Challenge to International Law in Cyber Security and the Law: A Panoramic View, Editor Shishir Tiwari, Central Law Publications, Allahabad

Narayan, S.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Risk Mitigation: A Conceptual Paper, CSR: The New Paradigms. Sahay, B.S. S. Das, B. Chatterjee, G. Subramanian and n.v Ran (eds.). New Delhi.

Kalagnanam, S. & Nair, A. S.

Business group affiliation and Innovation in medium and high technology industries in India, Technology: Corporate and Social Dimensions, Sidharthan N. S. & Narayanan K. Springer, Page nos 43-56, December

Komera, S. Lukose, J. P. J & Sasidharan, S.

Special economic zones and agriculture: An alternative theorisation, Chapter 10 in: Trade, Investment and Economic Development in Asia - Empirical and policy issues, Routledge, June 1 (editors) Chakraborty, D. & Mukherj

Mukherjee, S. & Zafar, S.

Adoption of Internet Banking Services in Developing Countries: An Exploration of the Extant Literature, Marketing Dynamics in emerging Markets, edited by Manoj, Edward, Zakkaria KA, CUSAT, Cochi, ISBN: 978-93-80095-49-3

Purani, K .

Dominating set clustering protocols for mobile Ad-Hoc networks., In Dynamic Ad-hoc Networks edited by Habib F. Rashvand& Han-Chieh Chao, IET Telecommunication Series

Anitha, V. S. & Sebastian, M. P.

Information systems flexibility for green technologies., Organisational flexibility and competitiveness edited by Nandakumar, M. K., Jharkharia, S. & Nair, A. S., Springer, New Delhi, pp: 181-195.

Krishnadas N. & Pillai, R. R.

Political Economy of China during the Hu Jintao- Wen . Jiabao Era: Leap from economic to social transformation, In the eighteenth national congress of the Communist Party of China- A Major Turning Point for China edited

Raman, V. G

Dominance of Chinese market: An empirical study, Driving the economy through innovation and entrepreneurship, emerging agenda for technology management edited by Mukhopadhyay, c., Akhilesh, K. B., Srinivasan, R., Gurtoo,

Gopalaswamy, A.K., Kumar, S. S. S. & Huang, H.C.

Understanding the interrelationship between commodity & stock indices daily movement using cross recurrence analysis, N. M. Ed., Translational Recurrences: From Mathematical Theory to Real- World Applications. Germany,

Guhatbakurta, K. Marwan, N., Bhattacharya, 8., & Roychowdhuri, A.

Nonlinear dynamics of stock markets during critical periods, Econophysics and data driven modelling of market dynamics. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland,

Guhathakurta, K.

Variation in customer satisfaction between urban and rural consumers: influence of expectations. In Velayudhan, S.K, & Sridhar, G (Eds.), Rural Markets: Understanding Consumers and Development issues: Understanding and Tappin

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