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Corporate Board Governance from Critical Mass Theory Lens: Revisiting Indian Companies Act 2013

Shannu Narayan

GLS KALP Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, September 2022

Process Views of Peer Mechanism in Joint Group Lending through the Theoretical Lens of Agency Theory: A Systematic Review of Literature

Malhotra Nishi & Pankaj Kumar Baag

IIMS Journal of Management Science, January 2022


Impact of Size, Future Earning, and growth to the Sustainability performance of US Sustainable Corporate Bonds

Sumit Kumar & Pankaj Kumar Baag

International Journal of Business and Economics, 2022

Explaining High Performance Among Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officers: A Job Demands-Resources Perspective

Surya Prakash Pati & Ram Kumar Kakani

Review of Public Personnel Administration, January 2022


Do Indian Firms Manage Earnings To Avoid Losses?

Rachappa Shette, Sudershan Kuntluru & Ajit Dayanandan

International Journal of Corporate Governance, 2021

DOI : 10.1504/IJCG.2021.121279

Board Attributes, Hedging Activities And Exchange Rate Risk: Multi-Country Firm-Level Evidence

Ekta Sikarwar

Economic Modelling, February 2022


Knowledge Hiding As A Coping Response To The Supervisors’ Dark Triad Of Personality: A Protection Motivation Theory Perspective

Prakriti Soral, Surya Prakash Pati & Ram Kumar Kakani

Journal of Business Research, 2022


Time-varying foreign currency risk of world tourism industry: effects of COVID-19

Ekta Sikarwar

Current Issues in Tourism, January 2021


Risk-sensitive Basel regulations and firms’ access to credit: Direct and indirect effects

Balagopal Gopalakrishnan, Joshy Jacob, & Sanket Mohapatra

Journal of Banking & Finance, May 2022


How Social Capital Impacts The Sustainability Of Group Lending Programmes - A Grounded Theory Approach

Malhotra Nishi & Pankaj Kumar Baag

International Journal of Business and Economics, 2021

Audit Partner Rotation, And Its Impact On Audit Quality: Evidence From India

Partha Mohapatra, Ajit Dayanandan, Sudershan Kuntluru & Athira A

Cogent Economics & Finance, July 2021

DOI : 10.1080/23322039.2021.1938379

Literature Review on Methodological Aspects of Audit Independence & Materiality Perspective

Athira A & Pankaj Kumar Baag

AIMS International Journal of Management, June 2021

DOI : 10.26573/2021.15.2.1

Issues in Group Lending as a Source of Microfinance: A Literature Review

Nishi Malhotra & Pankaj Kumar Baag

The IUP Journal of Bank Management, 2021

Is There a Bubble in the Indian Stock Market?

S S S Kumar

Economic and Political Weekly, October 2021

Finance Literacy As A Tool For Microfinancing: A Literature Review

Nishi Malhotra & Pankaj Kumar Baag

International Journal of Business and Economics, 2021

Auditor tenure and audit quality: an investigation of moderating factors prior to the commencement of mandatory rotations in India

Auditor tenure and audit quality: an investigation of moderating factors prior to the commencement of mandatory rotations in India

Nemiraja Jadiyappa, L. Emily Hickman, Ram Kumar Kakani & Qambar Abidi, 2021

A Literature Review: Self-help Group Bank Linkage Programme

Nishi Malhotra & Pankaj Kumar Baag

Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, May 2022


How to Stop Collusion in Peer Review Exercises: Evidence From the Classroom

Anirban Ghatak

Resonance, May 2022


Productivity, Relative Sectoral Prices, and Total Factor Productivity: Theory and Evidence

Kausik Gangopadhyay & Debasis Mondal

Economic Modelling, July 2021


Daily weather only has small effects on wellbeing in the US

Paul Frijters, Chitwan Lalji & Debayan Pakrashi

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, August 2020


He Has Gone to a Better Place, but She Has Not: Health Status of Hindu Widows in India

Ayush Agrawal, Chitwan Lalji & Debayan Pakrashi

The Journal of Development Studies, August 2020


Last-mile challenges in on-demand food delivery during COVID-19: understanding the riders perspective using a grounded theory approach

Praveen Puram, Anand Gurumurthy, Mukesh Narmetta & Rahul S. Mor

The International Journal of Logistics Management, September 2021


Virtual charismatic leadership and signaling theory: A prospective meta-analysis in five countries

Brittany A. Ernst, George C. Banks, Andrew C. Loignon, Katherine A. Frear, Courtney E. Williams, Luis M. Arciniega, Roopak K. Gupta, Georg Kodydek, Dilip Subramanian

The Leadership Quarterly, July 2021


The Role of ICT for Sustainable Development: A Cross-Country Analysis

Parvathi Jayaprakash & R. Radhakrishna Pillai

The European Journal of Development Research, February 2021

DOI : 10.1057/s41287-021-00369-1

Individual and organizational factors affecting the implementation of Green IT: A case study of an Indian business school

Krishnadas Nanath & R. Radhakrishna Pillai

The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, May 2021

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