Quizzing enthusiasts promote the culture of quizzing through various Intra-IIMK quizzing events and through participation in Inter B-School and Corporate events. Quizzes of various genre like Business, Sports, Entertainment, Literature etc. are conducted throughout the year to promote out of the box thinking among students and help them in keeping abreast with the latest happenings of the world. The club can be reached at
Members of footvibes represent IIMK in various intra- and inter-collegiate dance competitions. They also organize workshops on various dance styles.
Kalakriti is a diverse group of art enthusiasts spreading the art movement throughout the campus. They are a body of artists that are involved in design and decor of major events and visible areas of campus. They conduct a number of art-related events annually as well.
Movie enthusiasts get together to watch, analyze, review and discuss films from across the World.
Movie enthusiasts get together to watch, analyze, review and discuss films from across the World.
IIMK's music club aims to instill in all students a love of music by providing a platform for music enthusiasts to develop and showcase their musical flair, as well as simply unwind and have fun through competitions, workshops, karaoke nights and public performances. There are multiple events and competitions organized throughout year by the club. Krescendo helps students to take musical breaks from hectic MBA life of 2 years. The club is equipped with good musical instruments to fulfill musical needs of students. PGP 2nd year students, who are selected through institution club selection process, run the club.
A Club for imaginative literature, ProLitCult has established itself as the pioneer for innovative ideas and articulation through a series of online and offline literature activities held throughout the year. Detective treasure hunts, idiomatic dumcharades, Argumentative Indian etc. thereby, provoking the minds of an MBA student through exciting yet experiential learning. ProLitCult also identifies potential candidates and facilitates participation in various inter-iim and national level competitions. This has not only helped the students refine professional expressions but also enhance personal communication. The club also publishes an yearly literature magazine called "Pulse K" where students showcase their literary works .A club for all the vernacular passionates, ProLitCult – The experts in literature community, is much more than the bounds of Literature.
Theatrix is the dramatics club of IIMK is for students interested in dramatics and acting. We put up numerous stage and street plays across the year including performances on Independence Day, Republic Day and multiple fests like Backwaters, Echoes etc. Rather than restricting our plays to members only, Theatrix strives to serve as a common, open platform to give all students a chance to showcase their latent talent or voice out issues close to their heart or just regale an audience struggling with quizzes, assignments, submissions and deadlines.
Toastmasters Club at IIM Kozhikode aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment, where every member is empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn fosters self-confidence and personal growth. Established on 1st December 2018, IIM Kozhikode Toastmasters is an official chapter of Toastmasters International. Toastmasters is the right place for those who love public speaking or are determined to improve their overall communication & leadership skills or for those who want to be a part of a vibrant global community. Toastmasters Club at IIMK holds regular meetings divided into three segments: 1) Prepared Speeches - Members are given a speech slot in advance in which they deliver a prepared speech. 2) Table Topics – A topic is given on the spot, and the member has to speak on it for 2-3 minutes. 3) Evaluation and recognition - Feedback is the tool for improvement at Toastmasters. Each prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who gives constructive feedback for improvement. There are various roles like Toastmaster of the Day, Ahh Counter, Timer, Grammarian, etc., which help to improve other aspects of communication like listening skills, usage of grammar, etc. Apart from regular meetings, contests like Prepared Speech, Humorous Speech, Impromptu Speech, Turncoat, Improv and Evaluation are held in which members of IIM K Toastmasters get to compete with the members of the Toastmasters Fraternity all over the world. Toastmasters - "Where Leaders are Made.
Tripod is the photography club of IIMK. Our Kampus being God's own, boasts of ethereal beauty. It is essential for a club of photography enthusiasts to capture all events with this backdrop in all its glory. We as a club invite amateur photographers to learn from each other and enhance our photography skills. With the interest showed by Komrades, photography workshops by eminent photographers and photo exhibitions are conducted. Social media contests take place all through the year. The art of photography lets each one of us tell unique stories through our lens. Tripod tells the story at IIMK, and ever so beautifully.


The admission to the programme is through a rigorous and internationally acclaimed admission test (CAT) with average selection rate of less than one in hundred candidates.
Leading Indian and foreign companies visit the Institute to participate in campus placement programme.


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