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Multi-Period Reverse Logistics Network Design for Used Refrigerators

Sajan, J., Sridharan, R., Ram Kumar, P.N., & Krishnamoorthy, M.

Applied Mathematical Modeling, 2018

Reverse logistics network design: a case of mobile phones and digital cameras

Sajan, J., Sridharan, R., & Ram Kumar, P.N.

International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2018

Career progression of female talent: Issues and challenges

Krishnan, T.N.

National HRD Network Journal, 2017

Financial Literacy, Human Capital and Stock Market Participation in Europe

Thomas, A. & Spataro,L.

Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 2018

Work disengagement among SME workers: evidence from India

Rastogi, A., Pati, S.P., Dixit, J.R., & Kumar, P.

Benchmarking: An International Journal, April 2018


Milk Procurement of a Private Dairy Firm: An Economic Analysis

Chaturvedi, P. Sarkar, A. Majumdar, G. C. Sarmah, S. P. & Padhi, S. S.

International Journal of Operational Research, 2016

Distressed Selling by Farmers: Model, Analysis, and Use in Policy‐Making

Gupta, S. Dawande, M. Janakiraman, G. & Sarkar, A.

Production and Operations Management, 2017

Linking social system failures: A short note on marriage and firm failure

Zanger, I. Padhi , S. S. & Wagner, S. M.

Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 2018

DOI : 10.1016/j.jik.2016.12.005

Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Growing and Leveraging Brand Equity

omas, J. Saha, B. & Satpathy, C.

Journal of International Business Education, 2017

Advertised Reference Price and Sales Price as Anchors of the Latitude of Expected Price and its Impact on Purchase Intention

Sinha, R. & Adhikari, A.

European Journal of Marketing, 2017

Micro Modelling of Individual Travellers Information Seeking Behaviour. A heterogeneity Specifc Study

Adhikari, A. & Chakrabarty, M. A.

Current Issues in Tourism journal, 2017

Estimating functions and equivariance for diffusion models

Ramprasath, L. & Durairajan, T. M.

journal of Indian Statistical Association, 2017

The Determinants of Currency Derivatives Usage among Indian Non-financial Firms: An Empirical Study

Bhagawan, P. M. & Lukose, J. P. J.

Studies in economics and finance, 2017

Does Business Group affiliation encourage R&D activities? Evidence from India

Komera, S. Lukose, J. P. J. & Sasidharan, S.

Asia Pacific journal of Manag, 2017

Perspectives look at the role of the Indian regulators and the private sector in expanding financial access to the poor,

Baag, P. K.

International Journal of Research in Business Studies, 2017

Anti-Money Laundering Law in India: A Glocalization Model

Narayan, S.

Statute Law Review, 2018

A comment on the extension of the OLl framework to emerging economies.

Purkayastha, S.

Global Business Review., 2015

Distribution-free Phase II DCUSUM Control Chart for Joint Monitoring of Location, and Scale

Chowdhury, S., Mukherjee, A. & Chakraborty, S.

Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 2014

Business process re- engineer ing through lean thinking - A case study, A new three parameter distribution

Anand, G, Arpita, c., & Gopalakrishnan, N. & Chowdhury, S.

Journal of Enterprise Transformation., 2014

A product and a price bundle in an efficient choice set: How dochoice framing and goal orientation influence preferences?,

Sett, R. K.

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice,, 2013

Differentiating subjective and objective attributes of experience products to estimate willingness to pay price premium

Adhikari, A.

Journal of Travel Research, 2015

Understanding the Conceptual Meaning of Aadhaar: Insights from Semantic Network Analysis

Krishnan, S.

Government Information Quarterly, 2018

Institutional Ownership and Dividend Payout in Emerging Markets: Evidence from India

Jacob, C. & Lukose, P. J.

Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 2018

Effectiveness of Publicity Campaign on Value Added Tax in India. International VAT Monitor

Sthanumoorthy, R.

An Observation about the Assignment Problem. Industrial Engineering Journal.

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