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Nemiraja Jadiyappa

Nemiraja Jadiyappa

Associate Professor
Finance, Accounting & Control



Associate Professor


Corporate Finance/Financial management

Security Analysis

Investment Banking

Financial Markets and Institutions

Doctoral seminar in corporate finance and corporate governance

Significant Publications

Jadiyappa, N., & Krishnankutty, R. (2022). Do stock markets value green operations? Evidence from India. International Journal of Managerial Finance.

Jadiyappa, N., Shrivastava, S., & Ghalke, A. (2022). Social responsibility, moral hazard, and collateral requirement: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in India. International Review of Finance, 1–10.

Singh, R., Chouhan, Y., & Jadiyappa, N., (2022) Bankruptcy reform and corporate risk-taking: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment, Finance Research Letters,

Jadiyappa, N., Hickman, E., Kakani, R., & Quamber, V. (2021). "The Relationship Between Auditor Tenure, Compensation, and Audit Quality: Evidence from India Prior to Impending Mandatory Rotations" Managerial Auditing Journal, 36 (5)

Jadiyappa, N., Joseph, A., & Sisodia, G. (2021) "Bank affiliated directors and Idiosyncratic risk: Evidence from India." In International Journal of managerial finance,

Singh, R., Jadiyappa, N., & Sisodia, G. (2021). Bankruptcy law, creditors' rights and financing choices: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in India. Applied Economics, 1-7.

7. Jadiyappa, N., Iyer, S., & Jyothi, P., (2021) "Does social responsibility improve firm value? Evidence from mandatory corporate social responsibility regulations in India" International Review of Finance,

Jadiyappa, N., & Shrivastav, S. (2021). Bankruptcy law, creditors' rights, and cash holdings: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in India. Finance Research Letters, 102261.

9. Jadiyappa, N., Parikh, B., Saikia, N. and Usman, A. (2021), "Social responsibility or smoke screening: evidence from India", Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, Vol. 12 No. 4, pp. 767-787.

11. Jadiyappa, N., Saikia, N., & Parikh, B. (2020). "Managerial Stock Ownership and Debt Diversification." International Review of Finance, 20(3), 747-755

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13. Jadiyappa, N., Sisodia, G., Joseph, A., Srivatsava, S., & Jyothi, P., (2020) "Creditors' governance, information asymmetry and debt diversification: Evidence from India" in International Journal of managerial finance

14. Hickman, E., Iyer, S., & Jadiyappa, N., (2020) "The Effect of Voluntary and Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility on Earnings Management: Evidence from India and the 2% Rule," In Emerging Markets Review

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17. Jadiyappa, N., Jyothi, P., Sireesha, B., & Hickman, E., (2019). "CEO gender, firm performance and Agency costs: Evidence from India" Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 46(2), 482-495

18. Jadiyappa, N., Jyothi, P., Sireesha, B., & Hickman, E., (2020) "Multiple banking relationships, agency costs and firm value: Evidence from India" Manegerial Finance, Vol. 46(1), 1-18

Jadiyappa, N., Saikia, N., & Parikh, B. (2019). Does Debt Diversification lead to a Discount in Firm Value?. Applied Finance Letters, 8, 24-30.

20. Jadiyappa, N., Vanga, N. R., & Krishnankutty, R. (2016). "Financial liberalisation and Capital structuring decisions of corporate firms: Evidence from India". Economics Letters, 149, 33-37.

Research Areas

Capital structuring decisions,


Earnings management

Accounting conservatism

Bankruptcy law

Firm Innovations

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