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Anjana A Karumathil

Anjana A Karumathil

Associate Professor of Practice
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Area


Prof Anjana is Associate Professor of Practice at IIM Kozhikode. Prior to this role, she worked in the industry for about 15 years in multiple organizations including Deloitte Consulting and TCSL. Her last professional assignment was as Learning & Development Specialist at Qatar Gas Transport Company. At Deloitte, she was a member of the US Tax CEO’s think tank in NYC, Chief-of-Staff to Deloitte’s Chief Learning Officer in India and managed their flagship leadership development program called Leadership Academy. In these roles, she contributed to C-level decision making for billion-dollar businesses and coached mid-management and leadership-level executives. At TCSL, she managed million-dollar global IT projects across USA and Australia. She has in-depth experience in organizational learning across multiple organizations and cultures (MNC & SME). Her industry experience spans across financial services, energy, and taxation. She has extensive international work experience across Australia, UK, USA, and Qatar. A TEDx speaker, her opinion pieces have appeared in mainstream media outlets including Forbes, the Times of India and Mathrubhumi. She has received several awards for her work including being featured in Deloitte’s annual leadership video for outstanding contribution to community.


Anjana has a PhD in organizational behavior from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, an MBA in general management with distinction from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and an undergraduate degree in engineering from NIT Calicut. Her areas of academic interest are at the intersection of platform economies, AI disrupting work structures and relationships, and the evolving nature of work motivation. She received the Mirae Asset Fellowship award for outstanding research from IIM Bangalore in 2021. Her work has been presented at national and international conferences and published in scholarly journals. She has been mentored by some of the best scholars in management including Prof Saras Sarasvathy.


Customized management development programs on negotiation, power & politics, emotions, decision making, motivation, Indian knowledge systems. 

Clients include active members of the Indian & Sri Lankan Navy, transitioning officers of Indian Army, Navy & Air Force, Bharat Electronics Limited, National Instructional Media Institute & executives from multiple corporations across the country.


PhD: Organizational Development & Change (Core)

Executive MBA: Organizational Behavior (Core), Organizational Development & Change (Core), Negotiation and Conflict Management (Elective)

MBA: Organizational Structure & Design (Core)

Conferences, Seminars & Talks

Karumathil, A. & Mukherjee, S. (2018 Sep 4-6). Us Against the World: How Employees Make Sense of Permanent Organization Failure vis-à-vis Outsiders. British Academy of Management 2018 Conference, Bristol, United Kingdom.

Karumathil, A., & Tripathi, R. (2021 Apr 12-14). Culture and Attitudes Towards Euthanasia. British Sociological Association 2021 Conference, online.

Karumathil, A. (2021 Dec 20-22). ‘Cyber’ Related? : How Skilled Gig Workers Generate Relatedness Online. 8th International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence (ICBAI), online.

Karumathil, A. (2021 Dec 16-18). ‘Cyber’ Related? : How Skilled Gig Workers Generate Relatedness Online. 8th Pan IIM World Management Conference, online.

Karumathil, A. (2021 Dec 16-18). Won’t Be Bossed by No Program: The Emergence of Algoactivism in the Gig Economy. 16th International Conference for Markets and Development (ICMD), online.

Karumathil, A. (2021 Dec 16-18). Inequality of gender or caste? Analyzing sociopolitical responses to the Sabarimala debate. International Conclave on Globalizing Indian Thought, online.

Karumathil, A. (2022 Jan 7-9). Exploring Relatedness Among Skilled Gig Workers Using Textual Analysis of Twitter Feeds. 7th Biennial INDAM Conference 2022, online.

Karumathil, A., & Tripathi, R. (2022 Jun 15-17). Combating Survey Bots: An Integrative Literature Review of Insights and Strategies. European Academy of Management 2022 Conference, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Anand, A., Karumathil, A., & Ray, P. (2022 Jun 15-17). Exploring the Dreadful Agony and Combating the Hideous Shades of Workplace Loneliness. European Academy of Management 2022 Conference, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Tripathi, R. & Karumathil, A. (2022, July 7-9). Humanistic Leadership and Sustainability: Exemplary Cases from Different Cultures [Panelist]. Academy of International Business, Miami, FL, USA.

Karumathil, A., & Tripathi, R. (2022 Aug 5-9). What Motivates Gig Workers? An Integrative Review and Research Agenda. 82nd Academy of Management Conference, Seattle, WA.

Karumathil, A., & Tripathi, R. (2022 Aug 5-9). Combating Survey Bots: An Integrative Literature Review of Insights and Strategies. 82nd Academy of Management Conference, Seattle, WA.

Anand, A., Karumathil, A., & Ray, P. (2022 Aug 5-9). Exploring the Dreadful Agony and Combating the Hideous Shades of Workplace Loneliness. 82nd Academy of Management Conference, Seattle, WA.

Academic Positions

Chairperson, Internal Complaints Committee, Kochi

Significant Publications


Tripathi, R., & Karumathil, A. (2024). Humanistic Leadership and the Paradoxical Pursuit of Sustainability and Profitability: A Case Study of the Tata Group in India. In Fu, P. (Ed)., Humanistic Leadership and Sustainability: Exemplary Cases from Different Cultures. US: Palgrave 

Karumathil, A. and Warrier, PR. (2022). Artificial intelligence and its implications for aayurveda. Aryavaidyan, 36(1), pp. 7-11.

Karumathil, A. and Tripathi, R. (2022). Mere algorithms can be demotivating. Nature Reviews Psychology.

Anand, A., Tripathi, R., Karumathil, A. and Kalra, T. (2021). Applying systematic bibliometric methods to track a journal’s impact and review its knowledge contribution. Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication.

Karumathil, A.A. and Tripathi, R. (2020). Culture and attitudes towards euthanasia: An integrative review. OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying, p.0030222820984655.


Karumathil, A. (2024). What Indian managers should know about Generative AI. Forbes India.

Karumathil, A. (2023). Revolutionising defense education: How ChatGPT's AI technology is winning the war for smarter soldiers. Naval Institute of Educational and Training Technology.  

Karumathil, A. (2022). Responsible AI approach document for India: A critical assessment. INDIAai.

Karumathil, A. (2022). Autonomy of gig work: Myth or reality? Forbes India.

Karumathil, A. (2022). The myth of algorithmic transparency. Forbes India.

Karumathil, A. (2020). Death with dignity: A policy framework to enhance implementation of euthanasia legislation. IIPA Digest, Vol. 2, pp. 56-59.

Karumathil, A. (2017). A leadership development program that worked. Training.


Karumathil, A. (2023). Student suicides: Who is responsible? [Translated title]. Truecopy Think.

Karumathil, A. (2023). India’s platform workers being flexed to death. East Asia Forum.

Karumathil, A., & Tripathi, R (2023).Is AI a boon or bane for employee productivity? The Times of India.

Karumathil, A., & Tripathi, R. (2022). India’s gig workers: Life at the mercy of platforms and algorithms. The Quint.

Karumathil, A. (2022). Challenges raised by the gig economy [Translated title]. Mathrubhumi.

Honors and Achievements

2021   Mirae Asset Fellowship for Research Value and Impact (1 of 5)

2008  Strathclyde Merit Scholarship for Women Students (1 of 2)

Research Areas

Artificial intelligence and its impact on professional relationships

Gig economy and platform work

Work motivation

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

IIMK Campus P. O, Kozhikode, Kerala, India,
PIN - 673 570


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