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Associate Professor
Strategic Management


+91-495 2809111


  • PhD from IIM Calcutta (Strategic Management)
  • B.E. (Mech.)- University Topper of Mechanical Engg.

Academic Positions

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) is a flagship program of Ministry of Education of Government of India. IIM Kozhikode has adopted five villages under this project. I have been involved in several developmental projects in these villages that include but are not limited to - a. Preparation of village development plans with grama panchayats b. working on several projects for uplifting the scheduled caste and schedule tribe communities in these village through interventions in livelihood creation c. creation of farmer producer organization d. creation of e-hub and library for women, students and farmers and so on.

Significant Publications

"Byju's: The Blue Ocean Strategy" in IVEY Publishing


Interplay of Entrepreneurship and Institutions: A case of Women Entrepreneurship” in International Review of Entrepreneurship. Coauthored with Deepika Dixit Volume - 19 Issue - 4

Review of Social Innovation: Dimensions, Elements and Links to Domains of Innovation” has been accepted for publication at Social Business. (forthcoming) coauthored with Shambhavi Agarwal and Prof. S. Padhi

Got two rounds of Revise and Resubmit in Academy of Management Review (AMR) for 'MULTILEVEL PARADOXES IN STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES' coauthored with Prof S. Ray and Prof. P. Aulakh after which it was rejected. However, we have resubmitted it to another top tier journal of repute

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Padalkar M. and Sahasranamam S.) (2015) 'Domestic Violence against Women in India and Effectiveness of Law Enforcement Agencies - A Panel Data Study' accepted for publication in Economics and Political Weekly

Process and Content Model of CSR Decision-making - A Stakeholder Approach” published in International Journal of Business Research and Management. Coauthored with Deepika Dixit

Courting Chaos: A Day in the life of a District Judge in India” accepted for publication in SAGE Business Cases platform. Coauthor With Prof PN Rajeev

“A Recipe for Empowerment” IIMK Cases platform (IIMK/CS/160/SM/2022/05)

“What is Strategic Management? - Understanding through Role-Play”. IIMK Cases platform (IIMK/CS/103/STR/2019/01)

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Ray Sougata and Aulakh Preet S. ) (2015) 'Is Institutional Traction a Double Edged Sword?: A Case of State Owned Enterprises' (IIMK Working Paper)

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Ray Sougata and Aulakh Preet S.1) (2015) 'Institutional Traction: How State Owned Enterprises can Harness their Position from their Institutional Context?' (IIMK Working Paper)

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Rajeev Priya N.) (2015) 'Courting Chaos: A Day in the life of a District Judge in India' (IIMK Working Paper)

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Rajeev Priya N.) (2015) 'Social Obligation: Proposing a Compliment to Psychological Contract' (IIMK Working Paper)

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Ray Sougata and Aulakh Preet S.) (2013) 'Does Position due to Institutional Context facilitate or constrain Productivity in State Owned Enterprises?' at Strategic Management Society Conference 2013 Conference at ISB Mohali

Sinha Anubha S. (co-author Ray Sougata and Aulakh Preet S.) (2013) 'Redistribution and Legitimacy: Nurturing and Leveraging Institutional Traction in State Owned Enterprises' Strategic Management Society Conference 2013 Conference at ISB Mohali

An Exploration of Multi-Level Paradoxes in State-Owned Enterprises' coauthored with Ray S. and Aulakh P.S. published and accepted for presentation at the 2010 Academy of Management Meeting, August 6-10, in Montreal, Canada.

SOEs: Competing in a globalized and liberalized world' coauthored with Ray S., published and accepted for presentation at Academy of International Business Conference 2010, June 25-29 at Rio de Janerio, Brazil

An exploration of SOEs from the emerging economies' coauthored with Ray S., published and accepted for presentation at Academy of International Business Conference 2010, June 25-29 at Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Effect of Complexity on Strategic Decision Making Process: A Quasi-Experimental Study' coauthored with Ray S. and Hazra A. published and accepted for presentation at the 2010 Academy of Management Meeting, August 6-10, at Montreal, Canada.

Founding Context and performance Evolution: A Longitudinal Study of emerging economy Firms' coauthored with Mukherjee I. and Ray S. published and accepted for presentation at the Academy of Management Meeting 2009, August 7-11, in Chicago, Illinois

Multilevel Paradoxes in State-Owned Enterprises in Emerging Economies' coauthored with Ray S. and Aulakh P.S. published and accepted for presentation at the 2011 Journal of Management Alternative Meeting, October 22-23, in Hong Kong, China.

Strategic Management of State Owned Enterprises: A Review and Reflections' Coauthored with Ray S., presented at Strategic Management Forum, IIM Bangalore Seminar 2009, May 27-29, in Bangalore, India.

A Recipe for Empowerment , Case Studies, 2022

Glass Ceiling Effect In The Indian Corporate Sector: A Reality Check , Working Paper, 2022

Institutional traction: how state owned enterprises can harness their position from their institutional context? , Working Paper, 2015

Is institutional traction a double edged sword? : a case of state owned enterprises , Working Paper, 2015

Social Obligation: Proposing a Compliment to Psychological Contract , Working Paper, 2015

Effect of virtual organizing on formal-informal interplay within an organization , Working Paper, 2020

A critical hermeneutical analysis of CSR reports of three major IT firms in India , Working Paper, 2020

How Institutions Influence Women Entrepreneurship? , Working Paper, 2020

The Glass-Ceiling Phenomenon: A Literature Review and Research Agenda , Working Paper, 2021

Unravelling the Glass Ceiling Phenomenon Using Critical Hermeneutics , Working Paper, 2021

Entrepreneurial Ideation: An Effectual perspective on the new venture creation , Working Paper, 2021

Does Entrepreneurial Spiral Work in Large Organisations? A Formal-Informal Organizations Interplay Perspective , Working Paper, 2021

Women Entrepreneurship in Rural India: A Study on Women of Gujarat , Working Paper, 2021

Evolution of Feminism and Feminism Movements in India , Working Paper, 2021


Recipient of the Doctoral Research Award for 2009-2010 by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Canada, through the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute to fund travel and stay for six months towards doctoral research at Schulich Business School, York University, Toronto, Canada

Awarded Letter of Appreciation by Honorable Sitting Judge of Kerala High Court, Justice KT Shankaran in recognition of efforts to develop new pedagogy for Legal Management Program for Judges for Kerala Judicial Academy

Name on the Roll of Honor of the Institute (MIT-Muzaffarpur) for Academic Excellence: University Topper in Mechanical Engineering

Sports: Represented EIL in Petroleum Sports Control Board: PSCB Badminton Tournament 1999

Research Areas

State Owned Enterprises in the New World Order: Huge institutional transitions across the globe in national economic policies, as well as of SOEs- internal functioning and associated value systems, social and cultural beliefs, and operating logics has thrown in new problems and challenges for SOEs. My research interest is in diagnosing challenges and looking for possibilities for managing or transcending them.

Social Entrepreneurship: I believe that literature on social entrepreneurship needs to expand its domain to a higher level and have to relook into the entrepreneurial processes that have been proposed in extant entrepreneurship literature. I believe that there is a need to revisit questions like how a collective handles the problems of uncertainty and innovates and organizes; how entities like government or commercial businesses, which were earlier thought of as touching the entrepreneur at the boundary and remaining as resource/ resource provider at best, become an active partner of the entrepreneurial activities.

Judicial Reforms- Adoption of principles of Management into Judiciary: There has been a rise in a normative discourse in the government, the masses and the judiciary about the need to bring in learning from other systems like those from the field of management studies into the judicial systems. However, what seems to be missing is an overall understanding of the theoretical foundations of what to import and how and under what conditions would such an import impact the judiciary for better or worse. My research interst is in helping the field of judiciary to bring about tenable judicial reforms

I have been actively working as a Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) Coordinator for IIM Kozhikode (UBA is a flagship program of Ministry of Education). In my role, as I interact with villagers, government officials, gram panchayat members and so on, I have conceptualized a model that works with the meso-level agencies to create sustainable livelihoods in these communities. These initiatives are being captured in action research to disseminate the knowledge thus created to the world at large. I am currently working on creating a farmer producer organization. I am also working with schedule caste and schedule tribe colonies (they can be described as pockets of poverty in a relatively prosperous rural kerala) with helping them conduct additional livelihood generation through utilizing their little spaces around their houses for cash crop cultivation. I am working with local self government welfare department to create e-hub and library for students, farmers and women in these villages. A number of PhD students are working under me on various action resaerch programs and oe of them is nearly finsihing her dissertation on one of these initiatives.

Burning Policy Issues like Reforms in Education Systems, Women Entrepreneurship, Gender issues and so on

I have been involved in a semi-urban constituency through ethnography and survey based research to undestand the different sections of society in a constituency of population of nearly 0.1 million. I am also therafter involved in designing interventions for human capital improvement in this constituency.

Recent Consulting / Other Assignments

Social Impact Assessment of the Micro Enterprises Intervention of Kudumbashree (Kudumbasree is a Kerala State Mission for Poverty Eradication driven through an Innovative Model of Combination of Government and Community Based Enterprise in Kerala)

Current Projects

Social Development Projects at IIMK: Coordinator at IIMK Kozhikode and Kochi Campuses for over 2 years. Professors and students of management schools predominantly work with commercial organizations, while organizations working for creation of social value operate from a social benefit perspective. The latter are often unable to manage strategic and managerial challenges to ensure sustainability and scalability of their efforts. A partnership that Social Development Projects, a mandatory project course at IIMK, provides is that it creates a win-win situation for both. While professors and students get an opportunity to advance their learning and research, these organizations benefit as their delivery mechanisms and end results improve with infusion of management thinking.

Research on Court and Case Management: Reseach on Judicial Reforms

Social Entrepreneurship Research Projects

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

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PIN - 673 570


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