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Assistant Professor (Grade I)

+91-495 2809655


  • PhD, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, IIT Bombay
  • M.Tech, Industrial Engineering, NIT Trichy
  • B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University



  • Advanced Data Science for Managers
  • Executive MBA in e-Governance
  • Capacity Building Program for Hindustan Shipyard Ltd
  • Capacity Building Program for NTPC
  • Mid Career Training Program for IES Officers
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program for Kerala Startup Mission
  • Training program for Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance


  • Capacity Building Program on PPP & Infrastructure Development for Dept of Economic Affairs, GoI


  • Talk on Behavioral Biases and Types of Thinking for IOCL


Game Theory - PGP

Non-Cooperative Game Theory - PhD

Managerial Economics - EPGP

Industry Study - PGP-BL

Conferences, Seminars & Talks

Ghatak, A., September 2018, 'Trust, Altruism, Reciprocity: A Solution to the Problem of Trust in Online Marketplace', Invited Talk, UKIERI International Workshop on Game Theory and Networks, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, India

Ghatak, A., Balamurali A R, Deepak Gujaranya, Satnam Singh, July 2017, 'A Game Theoretic Model of Cyber-Deception Process', Invited Talk, Mini Conference on Networks & Games, ISI Kolkata, India

Ghatak, A., Mukherjee, D., Ray, A., March 2016, 'The Interplay of Identity and Social Network - An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Model', Invited Talk, International Conclave on the Foundations of Decisions and Games, IGIDR, Mumbai, India

Ghatak, A., Mukherjee, D., Dec 2015, 'The Interplay of Identity and Social Network - A Methodological Study', Invited Talk, Networks and Games 2015, IIT Ropar, Ropar, India

Ghatak, A., Mukherjee, D., Rao, K. M., Dec 2014 'A Behavioral and Spatial Game Theoretic Analysis of Conflict and Identity', Invited Talk, Networks and Games 2014, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, India

Ghatak, A., Dec 2012, 'Bribery Games - Does Differential Treatment Help?', International Conference on Optimization, Computing and Business Analytics, Kolkata, India, Allied Publishers, pp. 120-123

Ghatak, A., Rao, K. M., July 2012, 'Spatial Games and Evolutionary Stability against Multple Mutations', ISDG Fifteenth International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, Bysice, Czech Republic

Ghatak, A. January 2012, 'Bribery - A Game Theoretic Approach', International Conference on Game Theory Operations Research and Applications, ISI Chennai, India

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences, IIM Visakhapatnam (2017-2020)

Visiting Faculty, IIM Amritsar (2018-2019)

Assistant Professor, Business Analytics, Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai (2015-2017)

Visiting Faculty, IIM Indore (2016-2017)

Visiting Scientist, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata (2014-2015)

Significant Publications

Ghatak, Anirban, et al. "A generalized epidemiological model with dynamic and asymptomatic population." Statistical Methods in Medical Research (2022): 09622802221115877

Ghatak, A. How to Stop Collusion in Peer Review Exercises: Evidence From the Classroom. Resonance 27, 867–875 (2022). Volume - 27 Issue - 5

Ghatak, A., Mukherjee D., Rao, K. M., April 2017, ‘A Spatial Game Theoretic Analysis of Conflict and Identity’, Computational Economics, vol. 52, issue 2: Springer US, pp. 493-519

Ghatak, A., Iyengar, S., June 2014, ‘Corruption Breeds Corruption’, Studies in Microeconomics vol. 2: Sage India, pp.121-132

Ghatak, A., Rao, K. M., Shaiju, A., Dec 2012, ‘Evolutionary stability against multiple mutations’, Dynamic Games and Applications, vol. 2, issue 4: Birkhauser Boston, pp. 376-384

Dhanalakshmi, R., Parthiban, P., Ghatak, A., Jan 2010, ‘A heuristic to generate input sequence for simulated annealing to solve VRP’, International Journal of Enterprise Network Management, vol. 4, issue 1: pp.26-38

Ghatak, Anirban., Mukherjee, D., Ray, A. The Interplay of Identity and Social Network: A Methodological and Empirical Study. Social Network Analytics: Computational Research Methods and Techniques, edited by Nilanjan Dey et al., Elsevier Academic Press, 2019.

T-Metric: a New Citation Metric for Time-Dependent Impact Measurement , Working Paper, 2022

Think it, don’t overthink it: Learning from a children's puzzle , Working Paper, 2022

The Interplay of Identity and Social Network from an Evolutionary Game Theoretic Perspective , Working Paper, 2022

Estate Division Problem: The Core and The Godly Interference , Working Paper, 2022

Covid19 Vaccination Dilemma , Case Studies, 2022

Resonance , Journal Articles, 2022

In News

Research Areas

Game Theory

Human Behavior


Current Projects

Revival of RUBCO

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

IIMK Campus P. O, Kozhikode, Kerala, India,
PIN - 673 570


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