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Centre Themes

In its first three-year cycle the Centre will focus on:

Recent price behaviour and the role of monetary policy and operations in restoring price stability
Heterogenous effects of macroeconomic policies
Financial market spillovers and market regulation
Securing financial stability amid post-pandemic scarring
Financial innovations and regulation
Digital financial inclusion and investor protection
De-risking climate finance


(a) Policy Papers Series, Research monographs/ working papers, media articles and Policy Papers Series

(b) Setting up a state-of-the-art computational and data sciences lab in money and finance, the first of its kind, with computational facilities to study heterogenous effects of policy using advanced modelling

(c) Produce policy briefs/ white papers out of conference/ seminar proceedings which would be disseminated to policymakers and other stakeholders


1. Undertake cutting-edge research in the Centre’s areas which can be disseminated through various platforms

2. Run ‘Mudra’: A Computational and Data Sciences Lab in Money and Finance to support research and trainings in macroeconomics, computational and behavioural finance, including through use of large datasets and experimental economics, inter alia, for better understanding of heterogenous impacts of macroeconomics and financial policies.

3. Conduct an Annual Conference, on a chosen theme each year, to provide an interface amongst top policymakers and researchers. The conference can have (a) invited lectures from top academics and practitioners, (b) sessions based on papers which are in the nature of applied economic research and (c) some panel discussions.

4. Invite Distinguished Visiting Fellows from abroad or premier Indian research institutes to do collaborative work with IIMK faculty

5. Organize invited Talks/ Seminars under a ‘Mimansa’ series

6. Raise funds for the Centre through external grants and consulting projects

7. Offer specialized trainings on requests of institutions/ corporates

8. Develop or participate in international networks on specific themes

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