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About Uruppika (CEMBAF)

Urupikka is IIMK’s flagship Centre of excellence in macroeconomics and finance, focussed on frontier areas of research and its policy inferences with an overarching objective to bridge knowledge gap amongst researchers and policymakers by interactions amongst these groups as well as between them. Macroeconomics, banking and finance are themes that not only determine the health of the national economy but touch the common man’s life and businesses of varied scales, size and sectors in a several ways. Training business leaders for tomorrow needs management institutes to push frontiers of knowledge in these areas and expose students as leaders of tomorrow to the latest in these areas. For instance, delivering low inflation is the best pre-condition for protecting the poor, along with enhancing financial savings, improving financial reach of the poor, reducing financial volatilities, promoting financial stability and furthering growth on a sustainable basis. The Centre will seek to promote scientific-based thinking based on macroeconomic analysis, forecasts, banking, market-based finance and digital finance inter alia using recent advances in macro-econometric analysis and computational finance.

About the Name:

‘Uruppika’ was one of the early coins in circulation in the pre-Portuguese Calicut during Samoothiri’s Kingdom of Kozhikode, which has given name to rupee, the currency of modern India


Gyanam Yoga Karmasu Kaushlam (Striving for Excellence in Knowledge)

Vision of the Centre:

To become a knowledge centre in the areas of macroeconomics, financial sector policies for promoting macro-financial stability and an inclusive, sustainable and efficient financial system

Mission of the Centre:

To produce and leverage research in its areas for the benefit of its stakeholders including policymakers in governments, central banks, regulators, other academics, students and common man through networks that provide for research and experience sharing

Main Objectives of the Centre:

1. To promote research at the frontier of the knowledge in the areas of macroeconomics, financial markets, banking, central banking and financial regulation to bridge any knowledge gaps and advance the literature in these areas

2. To improve understanding of policy impacts through computational economics and finance

3. To benefit IIMK students and faculty through interactions with industry and policymakers

4. To disseminate research in its areas to diverse stakeholders

5. To influence public policies through its overall work

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