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Sridhar, G. (2007) Indian Agribusiness Institutions for Small Farmers - Role Issues and Challenges, Institutional Alternatives and Governance of Indian Agriculture in Ballabh V (Ed) Academic Foundation New Delhi   
Balooni, K. & Inoue, M. (2007) Private Woodlots on State Forestland in Bangladesh and India:Capital flows, Competition and Regulation: Studies in Economic Transformation and Fublic Folic): APF Press, Toronto, Canada.    
Nandakumar, P., Bala Batavia & Cheick Wague (2006) Integration and convergence offinancial markets IiI the European Union, in Volbert Alexander et. a! (Eds.). Global Divergence in Trade, Money and Policy, Edgar Elgar Publishing.    
Nandakumar, P., Bala Batavia & Cheick Wague (2006) Determinants of currency reserve holdings: an empirical study of India, China and Korea in B. Batavia and P. Nandakumar (Eds.). Globalization. Capital flows, Competition and Regulation, APF Press, Toronto.    
Deepita, C (2005) An artist as a social scientist in I Chakravarty and B. Paine (eds.) Breaking the silence (in Bangla), Stree, Kolkata   
Nandakumar, P. (2005) Globalization and the changing role of the government. Globalization and social security. Edited by Department of Economics, Published at St. Aloyisus College, Trichur   
Sreekumar, M. G. (2005) Building a multimedia Digital Library of Audio/Video Resources Using Open Source Software and Open Digital Library Standards. Sardar Jaginder Singh Ramdevon Festschrift Volume, 2005, USA   
Sreekumar, M. G. (2005) Multimedia Applications in E-Learning. Dr. Rama Reddy Festschrift Volume. University of Hyderabad.    
Sreekumar, M. G. (2005) Digital archival strategies for Library Consortia : The IIM Consortium Experience, Sh. Ashok Jambhekar Festschrift Volume, MANLIBNET. New Delhi.    
Panda, T. K (2004) Consumer Attitude: SMS Advertising , Book Chapter in the Book, SMS Marketing For Mobile Generation, Edited by Kanugovi, Sreenath, ICFAI Books,pp: 99-106.   
Panda, T. K. (2004) Branding India: Strategic Appoaches and Challenges in the Book Brand India- All Evaluation Edited by Kanugovi, Sreenath, ICFAI Books, pp: 85-102.    
Panda, T. K. (2004) Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services Industry, in the Book, Relationship Marketing- An Indtroduction Edited by Lindgreen, Adam and Chaturvedi, Brij Mohan, ICFAI University Press, pp: 141- 162.    
Sahadev, S. (2004) Building Hig- Tech Brands a Customer Based Brand Equity Approach in Building Brands in the Indian Market,Excel Books, New Delhi.    
Sreekumar, M. G., Sunitha, T. , & Sreejaya, P. (2004) The changing trends in Copyright in the scholarly communication world, Prof. M. Parameswaran Festschrift Volume, Department uf Library & Information Science, University of Calicut   
Nargundkar, R. (2004) Building new service brands: A case study of Xanadu. In Building Brands in the Indian Market, 375-378   
Panda, T.K. (2004) Building brands in the Indian market - A strategic perspective. In Building Brands in the Indian Market, xiii - xxix, edited by Tapan Panda K. New Delhi: Excel Books   
Mishra, S., Das, A. & Panda, T.K. (2004) Sustainable Tourism for Poverty Alleviation. In Tourism Management: The Socio Economic and Ecological Perspective, 160-173   
Panda,T.K. & Mishra, S. (2004) Socio-Political Barriers to Tourism Marketing in South Asia. In Tourism Management: The Socio Economic and Ecological Perspective, 135-159   
Rameshan, P. (2004) India. In Total Factor Productivity Growth: Survey Report, 52-97.   
Sahadev, S. (2004) Building Hi-Tech Brands: A customer based brand equity approach. In Building Brands in the Indian Market, 189-20.   

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