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Working Papers

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S. Jeyavelu (2007) IIMK/WPS/26/OB&HR/2007/14Building a case for inclusion of organizational identity in turnaround research   

S.S.S. Kumar (2007) IIMK/WPS/25/FIN/2007/13Information content of option implied volatility: evidence from the indian market   
Bala Batavia, Parameswar Nandakumar, & Cheick Wague (2007) IIMK/WPS/24/ECO/2007/12Expected Purchasing Power Parity and Budget Imbalances: Modelling the Euro And the Rupee Exchange Rates   

Deepita Chakravarty;Nandakumar Parameswar (2007) IIMK/WPS/23/EA/2007/11Skilled labour-specificity andthe pure theory of international trade: an application to the indian information technology sector   

Unnikammu Moideenkutty (2007) IIMK/WPS/21 /OB&HR/2007/10Moderating effect of supervisory role definitions and employee impression management on the relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and individual outcomes: a conceptual framework   

Gary Blau;Unnikammu Moideenkutty (2007) IIMK/WPS/20/OB&HR/2007/09Leader-member exchange as a significant correlate of work exhaustion beyond controlled-for correlates   

R.P.Suresh (2007) IIMK/WPS/19/QM&OM/2007/08Order preserving property of total time on test statistic and its applications in reliability   

Bala Batavia;Nandakumar Parameswar;Cheick Wagué (2007) IIMK/WPS/18/EA/2007/07Prospects for the euro: a role for china and india   

Krishna Kumar (2007) IIMK/WPS/17/STR/ 2007 /06corporate tax patterns in india   

Bala Batavia;Nandakumar Parameswar;Cheick Wagué (2007) IIMK/WPS/16/ EA/2007/05Two sector models of open economies - a synthesis & an empirical application   

Bala Batavia;Nandakumar Parameswar;Cheick Wagué (2007) IIMK/WPS/15/EA/ 2007/04Probability of bank crises in the emerging markets of asia and south america - an exploratory and empirical study of determinants   

Bala Batavia;Nandakumar Parameswar;Cheick Wagué (2007) IIMK/WPS/14/EA/2007/03Asset prices and inflation- is there a predictive link?   

Anjan Kumar Swain (2007) IIMK/WPS/13/ITS/2007/02Performance analysis of self-adaptive evolutionary computation methods   

Urmila Bhanja;Anjan Kumar Swain;Abani Mohan Panda (2007) IIMK/WPS/12/ITS/2007/01Shortest path routing in multihop packet switching communication network using genetic algorithm   

Parameswar Nandakumar;Bala Batavia;Cheick Wague (2006) IIMK/WPS/10/EA/2006/08Economic convergence in the old and the new economies of the oecd   

K. Unnikrishnan Nair (2006) IIMK/WPS/09/ OB&HR/2006/07Diminishing marginal utility of the 'next' attribute: cognitive complexity & complex decisions   

Dr. S S S Kumar (2006) IIMK/WPS/08/FIN/2006/06Forecasting volatility - evidence from indian stock and forex markets   

Dr. Keyoor Purani;Dr. Sunil Sahadev (2006) IIMK/WPS/07/MM/2006/05The moderating role of industrial experience in the job satisfaction, intention to leave relationship: an empirical study among salesmen in india   

Dr. Keyoor Purani;Mr. Abhilash Nair (2006) IIMK/WPS/05/MM/ 2006/03.Equity brand: evolution of a brand from stock market   

Sunil Sahadev (2006) IIMK/WPS/04/ MM/2006/02.Economic satisfaction and relationship commitment in channels: the moderating role of environmental uncertainty, colloborative communication and coordination strategy   

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