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Working Papers

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Sthanu R. Nair (2019) IIMK/WPS/340/ECO/2019/17India’s Agrarian Performance: A Comparative Analysis of UPA and NDA Regimes   

Sumit Mitra and Pradeep Kumar Hota (2019) IIMK/WPS/339/SM/2019/13Organizational Stigma and Resource Mobilization Challenges in a Social Enterprise: Arguing for a Grounded Research   

Mohammed Shahid Abdulla & L Ramprasath (2019) IIMK/WPS/338/ITS/2019/02Variance of ANOVA-based estimator σˆ2M for differing subpopulation sizes nk, 1 ≤ k ≤ K   

Mohammed Shahid Abdulla & L Ramprasath (2019) IIMK/WPS/337/ITS/2019/01ANOVA with two timescale stochastic approximation for estimating Variance of Conditional Expectation   

Praveen Sugathan (2019) IIMK/WPS/336/MM/2019/07Evaluating price fairness in hedonic and co-created categories   

Praveen Sugathan (2019) IIMK/WPS/335/MM/2019/06 Co-creation as possible exploitation   

Aviral Kumar Tiwari, Leena Mary Eapen & Sthanu R Nair (2019) IIMK/WPS/334/ECO/2019/16Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth at the State-level in India: Evidence using Heterogeneous Panel Data Methods   

Sudershan Kuntluru & Kevin Thomas Chacko (2019) IIMK/WPS/333/FIN/2019/08Share Buybacks in India: An Empirical Analysis   

Sudershan Kuntluru (2019) IIMK/WPS/332/FIN/2019/07Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance: Indian Evidence   

Chacko Jacob & Jijo Lukose P.J. (2019) IIMK/WPS/331/FIN/2019/05Institutional ownership and firm operating performance Evidence from India   

Sudershan Kuntluru (2019) IIMK/WPS/330/FIN/2019/06Impact of Corporate Governance Disclosures on Firm Performance   

Chacko Jacob & Jijo Lukose P.J. (2019) IIMK/WPS/329/FIN/2019/04Institutional ownership and the investment-cash flow sensitivity Evidence from India   

Ashok Thomas, Sthanu R. Nair & Devaprasad M (2019) IIMK/WPS/328/ECO/2019/15Affordability of Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products in the post GST regime in India   

Atanu Adhikari (2019) IIMK/WPS/327/MM/2019/05Using Sensory Memorabilia to design Experience Product   

Atanu Adhikari (2019) IIMK/WPS/326/MM/2019/04Behavioural and Operational Characteristics in Institutional Banking in India: An Empirical Generalization   

Ashok Thomas, Aditya Kumar (2019) IIMK/WPS/325/ECO/2019/14A cross-sectional examination of the impact of health shocks on wealth: Evidence from English Panel data   

Rachappa Shette (2019) IIMK/WPS/324/FIN/2019/03Readability of Indian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards   

Kulbhushan Balooni & Vineetha Menon (2019) IIMK/WPS/323/ECO/2019/13Eroding Community Norms and Tank Irrigation under State Entitlements   

Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2019) IIMK/WPS/321/SM/2019/12Nominee directors on the board and internationalization strategy: An institutional agency perspective   

Suram Balasubrahmanyam (2019) IIMK/WPS/320/SM/2019/11The Impact of a Firm’s Strategic Flexibility in handling its Portfolio of Growth Options on its Strategic Renewal – Empirical Evidence from Businesses across Industries   

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