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Conference Papers

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Deepita, C. (2005) Emergence of Decentralized Bargaining in the Indian textiles, ISS, The Hague, The Netherlands   
Deepita, C. (2005) Different forms of collective bargaining in the organized and unorganized sectors of Indian textiles and garment manufacturing. IFREDE Universite Montesqieu Bordeaux IV, France   
Deepita, C. (2005) Growing services in India: An Intersectoral Analysis of State Level Data. XVth Annual General Conference on Contemporary Issues in Development Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.   
Jayavelu, S. (2005) Petrocorp Restructuring. AIMS Best case study competition. Annual Convention Hyderabad   
Kumar, K. (2005) Competition and the Fragility of firms in the Indian Corporate sector. International Conference on Globalization and Economic Asymmetries , Athenian Policy Forum & IIM Kozhikode   
Das, H., Chhokar, J., Nair, U. K. (2005) Preparing for global business careers: Findings from India, Conference on Post Globalization: Higher Educational Institutions Facing the Knowledge Society. International Higher Education Foundation Conference, Veracruz Mexico   
Gopinath, S. (2005) A Collosature Agent Based model for intrafirm coordinating in non-dominant player supply chains. Victoria Management School Research Series   
Gopinath, S. (2005) Structural Changes in Internet Challenges for Information Science Professionals. International Conference CELDA 2005, Lisbon, Portugal   
Suresh, R. P. (2005) Six Sigma for Quality Characteristic having non-normal distribution, ICORAID-ORSI Conference. IISC Bangalore   
Suresh, R. P., Kurien, J., & Sebastian, G. (2005) The maximum likelihood Estimation of Parameters in a Symmetric Location and Scale Family with Kurtosis Three. Proceedings of the National Conference on Recent advances in Statistical Theory and Application, Palai   
Swain, A K., Bhanja, U., & Morris, A. (2005) Evolutionary design of inverse dynamic controllers for multiple arm co-operating manipulator systems. 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Pune   
Bhatt, P.R. (2004) Intelligent Organisation: A Road map to Success - A case of LG Electronics.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2004) Linking Strategies, Structure and Process.   
Chaudhuri, G. (2004) Mathematical Methods in Reliability   
Gopinath, S. (2004) Effectiveness of Web portals in Agriculture: A Supply Side Approach.   
Gopinath, S. (2004) A Collaborative Agent Model for Intra-firm Co-ordination in Non-Dominant Player Supply Chains.   
Bhatt, P.R. (2004) Intelligent Organisation: A Road map to Success A Case of LG Electronics    
Bhatt, P.R. (2004) Intelligent Organisation: A Road map to Success - A Case of LG Electronics    
D Cruz, P. (2004) The phenomenology of care receiving: HIV/AIDS as context   
Suresh, R.P. (2004) Six Sigma for Quality Characteristic having Exponential Distribution.   

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