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Conference Papers

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Sreekumar, M.G., & Vijayakumar, J.K. (2008) Proceedings of the National Conference on Redefining the role of public libraries in India.    
Kurian, J.C., Sreekumar, M.G., Goh, D.H., & Singh, D. (2008) An Architecture for efficient Resource Discovery with Metadata Harvesting in a Multidisciplinar y distributed repository. Proceedings of Management 08, Cambridge, UK   
Sreekumar, M. G., & Vijayakumar, J. K (2008) Kerala Libraries Network (KELNET). National Conference on Redefining the Role of Public Libraries in India, Kerala Library Association   
Thomas, J., Arora, A. P., & Shainesh, G. (2008) Effects of Customer Trust on Purchase Intentions: Examining. GREAT LAKES - NASMEI International Marketing Conference on Creating, Communicating, and Delivering Value   
Batavia, B., Murthy, S. R., Nandakumar, P., & Wague, C. (2008) Commodity price inflation: Are the culprits bio-fuel production and Chinese expansion?   
Pillai, R.R. (2008) Self Transformation Through Knowledge and Empowerment. Ninth International Conference on Management of Transformation, New Delhi   
Sreekumar, M.G (2008) Greenstone Open Source Digital Library Software: Feasibility, Features. Functionalities and the Futures. Proceedings of the 2nd Special Library Conference (SLib2008). Petronas, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia   
Sreekumar, M.G (2008) Unleashing Greenstone. Proceedings of the 7th MANLIBNET Convention, New Delhi   
Sridhar, G. & Venugopal, K.S (2008) Consumer Involvement and Consumer Decision Making - A Reexamination of the Relationship in Emerging Economy. NICOM 2008: Strategies and Trends in Marketing: A New Economy Perspective, Nirma University, Ahmedabad   
Sridhar, G., Mishra, D., & Vaswani, L.K (2008) Executives Representation of Rural Markets. Conference on Marketing to Rurual Consumers - Understanding and Tapping the Rural Market Potential, IIM Kozhikode   
Thomas, J. (2008) Managing Customer Relationship to Create Sustained Competitive Advantage: Connecting Theory with Practice Systems. 3rd Conference on Global Competition and Competitiveness of Indian Corporates, IIM Lucknow   
Velayudhan, S.K. (2008) Influence of Education on the Use of Informal Referent Groups as Information Source by Consumers in Rural Markets. Confernece on Marketing to Rural Consumers - Understanding and Tapping the Rural Market Potential, IIMK   
Velayudhan, S.K. (2008) Substitutability of Haats and Retail Store in Rural Markets: A Study across the States in India. Conference on Marketing to Rural Consumers - Understanding and Tapping the Rural Market Potential, IIM Kozhikode   
Swain, A.K. (2008) Information, Knowledge and Intelligence. National Conference on IT and Business Intelligence, IMT Nagpur   
Nair, A.S. and Gopinath, S (2008) A Note on Improving Banks' Competitiveness while Lending to the Agriculture Sector   
Pillai, R.R. (2008) Changing the Perception. Sixth AIMS International Confernece on Management (AIMS6), New Delhi   
Pillai, R.R. (2008) Role of Spirituality and Technology in Management. Sixth AIMS International Confernece on Management (AIMS6), New Delhi   
Velayudhan, S.K. & Sridhar, G. (2008) Conference Proceedings -Marketing to Rural Consumers: Tapping the evolving rural Markets   
Krishnan T.N. (2008) Changing Technologies and Employee Relationship Management in India. Sixth Asia Academy of Management Conference, Asia Academy of Mangement, Taipei, Taiwan   
Nair, S. R. (2008) Introduction of VAT and Retail Prices: Some Evidence from Tamil Nadu. Seminar on Finance Commission: Issues of Southern States, Madras School of Economics and Department of Finance   

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