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Conference Papers

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Chatterjee, D. (2009) Timeless Leadership. Conference on Conscious Capitalism, Bentley University, Boston, May 28-29.   
Chaudhuri, G. (2009) An Efficiency Study of Indian Banks. International Conference on Management & Social Welfare, IISWBM, Calcutta, December 14-15.   
Thomas, J. (2009) Customer Engagement Strategies in the Age of Value Co-Creation   
Purani, K., Unnithan, A.B. & Sahadev, S. (2009) Technology Readiness, Trust and e-Service quality: A study of travel portal users   
Balooni, K., Kumar, C. & Inoue, M. 2009 (2009) Can Decentralized Forest Governance Mitigate Domination by State and Local Elites? Evidence from India's Shiwaliks   
Rameshan, P. (2009) Flying To Float: Indian Airline Industry 2009. SMF 12th Annual Convention, IIM Bangalore   
Purani, K. & Nair U.K. (2009) Managing Salesforce Attrition at Karnavati Healthcare Ltd   
Purani, K., & Sahadev, S. (2009) Generating trust in e-services through service quality: The Moderating Role of Technology Readiness   
Ramachandran, N., & Sivaprakasam, P. (2009) Real-Time Analysis of CDN in an Academic Institute: A Simulation Study   
Eapen, L.M. (2009) Performance of State Electricity Utilities during the Post Power-Reforms Period: A Comparative Analysis   
Gopinath, S. & Abhilash Nair (2008) Note on Improving Banks' Competitiveness while Lending to the Agriculture Sector.   
Nair, U.K. (2008) From Guest House Administrators to Leaders of Tourism Management: Restructuring the Orange Valley State Tourism Department. Conference on Tourism in India: Challenges ahead, IIM Kozhikode   
Pathak, A. & Kumar, K. (2008) Adequacy and Effectiveness of Indian Tourism Websites for International Tourism in India. Conference on Tourism in India - Challenges Ahead, IIM Kozhikode   
Bhatt.P.R. (2008) Global Strategy for Growth: A case of Ranbaxy Laboratories. 3rd Conference on Global competitiveness of India Corporate IIM Lucknow   
Gopinath, S. (2008) Life Cycle Stages and McDonaldisation of Tourist destinations: Some preliminary evidence from Indian States. Conference on Tourism in India: Challenges Ahead, IIM Kozhikode   
Krishnan, T.N. (2008) Changing Technologies and Employee Relationship Management in India   
Rameshan, P. (2008) Optimum Quality as Strategy. IFSAM 9th World Management Conference.   
Jharkharia, S. (2008) Advanced IT-Based Logistics Capabilities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage. 3rd Conference on Global Competition and Competitiveness of Indian Corporate, IIM Lucknow   
Krishnan, T.N. (2008) Breach of Psychological Contracts - The role of Human Resource Systems, 3rd Conference on Global Competition and Competitiveness of Indian Corporates, IIM Lucknow   
Jharkharia, S. (2008) A Framework for Logistics Outsourcing. International conference on issues and challenges in supply chain management, BHU University, Varanasi   

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