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Conference Papers

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Pillai, R. R. (2010) On Spiritual Empowerment Through Teachings of the Sri mad Bhagavad Gita.    
Shukla, M., Pati, R. K,& Jharkaria, S . (2010) Green Supply Chain Management: Literature Review.    
Nair, A. (2010) Determinants of Price to Earnings Ration in Indian IT Services Industry   
Sushmita, N., & Pati, R. K. (2010) Progress of managerial research on the pharmaceutical supply chain.   
Nair, A. (2010) Post Budget Analysys   
Raman, V. G. (2010) Centre Province Relations post 1994 Tax Reforms in Peoples Republic of China.    
Gangopadhyay, K., & Basu, B. (2010) Income and Expenditure Distributions: A Comparative   
Eapen, L.M. (2010) Impact of the Institutional Reforms on the Performance of the Indian Electricity Utilities   
Shyam, A.V., & Swain, A.K. (2010) Conceptualizing a true business intelligence system.   
Shukla, M. (2010) Vehicle routing problem with time windows for fresh produce delivery: an artificial immune system based approach   
Shyam, A.V., & Swain, A.K. (2010) Conceptualizing a true business intelligence system   
Sreejesh, S., & Sebastian, M.P. (2010) A Revised Secure Authentication Protocol for IEEE 802.16 (e)   
Pati, R. (2010) Impact of Strategic Planning in Social Entrepreneurial Organizations in the National Conference.   
Sajeev, G, P., & Sebastian, M.P. (2010) A Scheme for Adaptive Web Caching Based on Multi-Level Object Classification   
Anitha, V, S., & Sebastian, M.P. (2010) Connected Dominating Set-based, Weighted Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks   
Sajeev, G, P., & Sebastian, M.P. (2010) Building a Semi Intelligent Web Cache with Light Weight Machine Learning   
Shukla, P., & Purani, K. (2010) Comparing luxury value perceptions in cross-national context   
Sahadev, S., Sheshanna, S., & Purani, K. (2010) Impact of Personality Traits on Customer Orietnation of Call Centre Workers: The Moderating Role of Role Conflict   
Adhikari, A. (2010) Unit Level Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Model: A Hierarchical Bayes Approach with Multi-modal Priors   
Adhikari, A., & Gill, M.S. (2010) Modeling Cognitive and Affective Advertisement Content with a View to Optimise Purchase Intention of Customers   

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