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Conference Papers

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Ramya, K. N., & Joseph. J. (2011) Active philanthropy or corporate dog bite: An investigation in to the CSR initiatives of companies   
Shukla, M., & Jharkharia, S. (2011) An Artificial Immune System Approach to Manage Fresh Produce Inventory   
Srinivas, J., & Anand, G. (2011) A meta-data analysis of literature on implementation of lean manufacturing   
Supriya, K. K., & Jharkharia, S. (2011) Information System Flexibility: A Conceptual Framework   
Ladha, K. K. (2011) The rise of Indias judiciary as a key political actor,and Aristotles Politics on Corporate Governance   
Das, A. (2011) Politeness and Social Proximity on the Social Network Site Orkut: Some Methodological Issues.   
Shukla, M., & Jharkharia, S. (2011) Applicability of ARIMA Models in Wholesale Vegetable Market: An Investigation.    
Kuntluru, S., Fatima, S., & Khan, M.A. (2011) Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Evidence from India   
Kuntluru, S., Khan, M. A.., & Parupati, S. K. (2011) Analysis of Financial Statements using Data Envelopment Analysis: A case of select Indian pharmaceutical companies.    
Ladha, R,. & Nair, A. S. (2011) Valuation and Risk Based on Accounting Measures.   
Narayana, S (2011) Reverse Logistics in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry in one ofthe Advance Proposal Tracks   
Nair, A. S. (2011) Existence and extent of impact of individual stock derivatives on spot market volatility in India.   
Nazeer, A., Sebastian, M. P., & Madhukumar, S.D. (2011) Enhancing the k-means Clustering Algorithm by Using a O(n logn) Heuristic Method for Finding Better Initial Centroids.    
Shukla, M. (2011) Applicability of ARIMA Models in Wholesale Vegetable Market: An Investigation.    
Sajeev, G. P., & Sebastian, M. P. (2011) Comparing the Performance of Multinomial Logistic Regression and Neural Network Models in Web Cache Content Classification.    
Purkayastha, S. (2011) Are Indian business groups parasites or paragons? An Industry-wise analysis.    
Purkayastha, S. (2011) Diversification, Firm Performance and the Current Financial Crisis.   
Kumar, D., & Purani, K. (2011) Modeling Servicescape Aesthetics and Consumer Response Relationships   
Jayasankar, R. (2011) Consumer Evaluation of Cross-natured Brand Extensions   
Sunitha, T., & Sreekumar, M.G (2011) A Single-Sign-On and a Remote Login Solution to Library E-Journals and E-Resources   

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