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Conference Papers

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Karna, A., Upadhyayula, R.S., & Karthik, D. (2012) Ethnic ties vs. agglomeration density: Demystifying multi-cluster location choices of emerging MNCs   
Krishnadas, N. & Pillai, R. R. (2012) A model for sustainability of green IT initiatives   
Krishnadas, N. (2012) Innovation strategy for business sustainability in Indian firms   
Kumar, M., & Singh, S. (2012) Exploring relationship among relationship quality, support, belongingness, burnout and intent to turnover   
Kumar, M., & Jauhari, H. (2012) Belongingness, burnout and health as explicators of relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour and turnover intention   
Krishnan, O., & Nafees, L. (2012) The Role of image formation agents in destination branding: The case of seven sisters of India   
Chandrashekar, A. & Anand, G. (2011) Re-engineering the software development process using lean thinking - A case study   
Payyazhi, J. & Mitra, S. (2011) Changing Mindsets: Stimulating deep learning through innovative case assessment involving peers   
Sahadev, S., Purani, K., Nair, S., & Chen L. (2011) Goal Orientation and Role Stress in Salespersons: A Multi-Country Study   
Balasubrahmanyam, S., Kaipa, P., & Akhilesh, K. B. (2011) The impact of a firms financial flexibility on its strategic renewal - An elementary assessment of the Literature Review , Vol.   Issue.   
Balooni, K. (2011) Analysis of policy framework, structural obstacles and financing barriers for teak investment in Asia  Issue.  
Balooni, K. (2011) Declining indigenous teak business: A case study of the historic timber market in India   
Basant, R., Chandra, P., & Upadhyayula, R.S. (2011) Knowledge Flows and Capability Building in the Indian IT Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Cluster and Non-Cluster Locations   
Chatterjee, D., Krishnan, T.N. & Tandon, A. (2011) Sustaining a Social Enterprise: Palash Eye Hospital   
Chawla, V., & Guda, S. (2011) Individual Spirituality at Work and its Link with Relational Selling Characteristics: A Study among Front-line Salespersons   
Dhurkari, R. K., & Swain, A.K. (2011) Multi Attribute Gain Loss (MAGL) A New Methods for Reference Dependent Multi Attribute Ranking and Selection   
Gangopadhyay, K. (2011) A tale of Indian cities. Econophysics Rourkela    
George, V., & Sebastian, M. P. (2011) Implementing the Secure Remote Poll Station Voting: Challenges and Opportunities   
Jharkharia, S. (2011) Interrelations of Critical Failure Factors in ERP Implementation: An ISM-based Analysis   
Jharkharia, S. (2011) IT-Specific SCM Practices in Indian Industries: An Investigation   

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