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Conference Papers

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Chowdhury, S. & Maiti,S. S. (2014) Bayesian Estimation of traffic intensity in an M/Erll queueing model, International Workshop/Conference on Bayesian Theory and Applications (lWCBTA), Basel, Switzerland.    
Yadav, J.K., & Krishnan, O. (2014) Experiential Marketing of Tourism: An Exploratory Model.    
Lyngdoh, T. & Chawla, V. (2014) Salesperson happiness as mediator for the effect of organizational virtuousness on salesperson ethical behaviour.    
Lyngdoh,T., & Suresh, S. (2014) Happiness as a Predictor of Job Satisfaction and Job Commitment: An Exploratory Study among Sales Professionals.    
Suresh, S., & Lyngdoh, T. (2014) Brand popularity of a destination among domestic tourists: A case study of Kerala.    
Purani, K., & Kumar, D.S. (2014) Driving blues away with green: The restorative potentials of green servicescapes.    
Jharkharia, S. (2014) Characteristics of Automotive Supply Chains-An Exploratory Study, Fourth International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Bali, Indonesia, January 7-9.    
Jharkharia, S. (2014) Analysis of Barriers in Environmental Supply Chain Management, 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics and Accounting, Hong Kong, March 26-28.    
Sridhar, G . (2014) Are we ready for the NextGen concerns in Higher Education?    
Jharkharia, S. (2014) Analysis of Barriers in Environmental Supply Chain Management, 2nd International Conference on Business, Economics and Accounting, Hong Kong, March 26-28   
Sudhir, S., & Unnithan, A.B. (2014) Rumours in the Marketplace: What Drives Them?    
Sudhir, S., & Unnithan, A.B. (2014) Identifying consumer motivations to share rumors: Literature review.    
Sudhir, S., & Unnithan, A.B. (2014) Rumour Sharing Behaviour in the Marketplace: A Study on Motivations.    
Ram Kumar. P. N. (2014) On modeling the Step Fixed Charge Transportation Problem, International Conference on Technology Business and Management, The American University in the Emirates, Dubai, UAE, March 24-26.    
Thangamani, G (2014) Innovation FMEA: A Risk Assessment Methodology for Product Innovation and Development Value Chain, International conference on Technology and business management (ICTBM 14), Dubai, March 24-26    
Azeez, N. (2014) Because it is competencies that matter: A review of competency based human resource management.   
Chatterjee, D., & Sahasranamam, S. (2014) Trends in innovation management research in four Asian countries- An analysis of publications for the period 1991- 2013.    
Leisyte, L., & Chatterjee, D. (2014) Organizational responses to vertically nested institutional logics. A study of two universities from Dutch and Indian research systems.    
Jacob, M. (2014) Combined effect of CCT approaches on expatriate adjustment - A conceptual framework.    
Jauhari, H., Kumar, M., & Singh, S. (2014) Relationship of OCB with Individual Wellness Measures and Tumover Intention ..   

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