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Conference Papers

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John, L., & Lyngdoh, T. (2015) Green Supply Chain Coordination: A Literature Review.    
Lyngdoh, T., & Sridhar, G. (2015) Bansara Eye Care: Expanding Affordable Eye Care to the Rural population.    
Sahadev, S., Purani, K., Sudershan, S., & Barnes, B. (2015) The Impact of Personality Traits on Customer Orientation among Call Centre Workers: The Moderating Effect of Work-Family Contlict and Role Conflict.    
Sudhir, S., & Unnithan, A.B. (2015) Relationship Management And Information Sharing Motivations of Rumour Sharing In The Marketplace.    
Sudhir, S., & Unnithan, A.B. (2015) Modelling the Spread of Product Related Rumours in the Marketplace - An Agent Based Simulation.    
Padh, S.S., Appu,R., & Pati,R.K. (2015) Sustainable and Green Supply Chain Management: Literature Review   
Jauhari, H., Singh, S., & Kumar, M. (2015) Employee Brand Building Behaviour: An Investigation of its Outcomes for the Employer.    
Pati .S.P., Rastogi, A., & Kumar. P. (2015) Development of a General Work Engagement Instrument (GWEI-3).    
Venugopal, A., & Krishnan, T.N. (2015) Role of top management bchavioural integration in managing innovation paradoxes.    
Venugopal, A. (2015) Nurturing Paradoxical cognition in Shared Leaderships with Behavioral lntegration- Pathways to Sustainability for Entrepreneurs.    
Gopinath, S., & Padalkar, M. (2015) Research trends in Project Management - A review of Literature.    
Gupta, L., Ram Kumar, P.N., Kumar, A.l.S., & Mehta, P. (2015) On aggregating supplies from single supplier to a cl uster of buyers - ROLE OF 3PL.    
Narayanamurthy, G., Pati, R.K., & Anand, G. (2015) Green Practices and Performance Measures: A Literature Review.    
Schaefers, T., Moser, R., & Narayanamurthy, G. (2015) Overcoming ownership risks at the base of the pyramid with access-based services.    
Padalkar, M., & Gopinath, S. (2015) Earned Value Management in Project Management - Survey and Research Potential.    
Padalkar, M., & Gopinath, S. (2015) Treatment of variability in OM topics - Survey and Research Potential.    
Padhi, S. S. (2015) Role of Corporate Disclosure Practices on Firms Performance.    
Pati, R.K., Kumar. V. & Jain N. (2015) Positives, Negatives and Future of AADHAAR: A Project Management Perspective.    
Thangamani. G (2015) Applying Theory of Constraints for improving Business Results in a NPD process.    
Dhayanithy, D., & Singh, V. (2015) Accentuated Loss Aversion in PGA Tournaments - Does Company Matter?    

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