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Conference Papers

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Eapen, L.M (2019) Do Indian Women have Decision Making Power in the family? A Study in Kerala Context   
Krishnan, TN., Scullion, H., & Augustyn, M.M. (2018) Talent Management in Small and Medium Enterprises : A Review and Research Agenda, 15th International Human Resource Management Conference, June 13 - 15   
Chowdhury, S. (2018) Stochastic comparisons on sample extremes of dependent and heterogeneous observations, International Conference on New Paradigms in Statistics and Industrial Research, Kolkata, India, January 4-6   
Rajeev A., Pati, R.K., & Padhi, S.S. (2018) Analysis of Triple Bottom Line Performance in Indian Fertilizer Supply Chain: A System Dynamics Approach, POMS 2018 Annual conference, Houston, U.S.A, May 4-7   
Chaurasia, S., Pati, R. K., & Padhi, S. S. (2018) Nutraceutical Industry: A New Path to attain Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, 2nd EWG Conference on Sustainable Supply Chains: Sustainable Supply Chains and the Circular Economy, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 6-7   
Parvathi, J. & Pillai, R. R. (2018) Exploring the contextual factors of ICT for sustainable development, MR Doctoral Colloquium, IIM Bangalore, Jan 3-4   
Narayan, S. (2018) Voluntary Liquidation of Corporate Person: A Review of Indian Law, 5th Annual International Conference on Business, Law & Economics, Athens, Greece, May 7-10   
Narayan, S. (2018) International Political Economy Of Financial Inclusion Policies: The Indian Story, Law in Global Political Economy: Heterodoxy Now, Harvard Law School, United States, June 2-3    
Paul, A. & Padhi, S. (2018) Achieving Efficiencies in Service Delivery: Evaluation of a Government Call Center, Digital Innovations, Transformation and Society Conference, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India, Jan 13-14.    
Sandeep, S. & Upadhayula, R.S. (2018) Internationalization of emerging market firms: The role of domestic agglomerations in reducing the liability of origin, DRUID Conference – 2018, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, June11-13   
Dey, S., & Sampath, A. (2018) Return and Volatility Spillovers: An Evaluation of India’s Demonetization Policy, conference on Gold & Gold Markets, organized by India Gold Policy Center (IGPC) at IIM Ahmedabad, January 12   
Lukose, P.J., Bhagawan, P., Ghosh, C., & Shankar, RL. (2018) Corporate Derivative Use, Leverage, and the Cost of Equity: New Insights from Indian Non-Financial Firms, 4th Applied Financial Modelling Conference, Centre for Financial Econometrics, Deakin University, Melbourne, February,    
Lukose, P.J., Shankar, R.L., & Sankar, G. (2018) The impact of realized jumps and continuous variance on variance risk premium, 4th Applied Financial Modelling Conference, Centre for Financial Econometrics, Deakin University, Melbourne, February, 1-2.   
Baag P.K., & Kavitha P. (2018) The case of a rural branch of an Indian Public Sector Bank: Innovation through Learning and Thinking Lean with a Managerial Performance Perspective, 3rd ICRB, New Delhi, India   
Kavitha P., & Baag P.K. (2018) Banks In India - Technical And Scale Efficiency In Financing Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses: Dea Approach, 3rd ICRB, New Delhi, India   
Kavitha P., & Baag P.K. (2018) Philosophies And Tradition Of Accounting Research, 3rd ICRB, New Delhi, India   
Thangamani, G. (2018) Proactive Risk Management Methodology for Cooperative Credit Institutions, Proceedings of the International Conference on ‘Co-operatives in the Changing World of Work, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, April 28 - Ma   
Sandeep, S., & Upadhayula, R.S. (2018) Strategic Orientations, Strategic Motivations and Location Choices of Emerging Market Multinationals, AIB India 2018 Conference, April 9-11    
Nandakumar, M.K., Appadu, N., Veliyath, R. & Galeazzo, A. (2018) The Impacts of Resource Distance and Institutional Distance on the Value of M&A Transactions, Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA   
Krishnan, S. (2018) Role of Institutions on Technological Frames in Green IT Adoption, Fifteenth Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International Conference on Management, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad, Uttar P   

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