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Zotero is a free, easy to use software which help the researchers to collect, save, manage and cite bibliographic information about the items (books, journal articles etc.) you find on the web.  It also works with word processing programs to help you easily cite your sources as you write.

Installing Zotero

Adding Items to Zotero

Creating Bibliographies

Changing Styles

In-Text Citations

Zotero on Multiple Computers

Since Zotero is installed software, it lives on a particular machine.  If you routinely use multiple computers, you will probably want to sign up for a Zotero account. This will allow you to sync your Zotero library across computers, or to view your library directly on the Zotero website. You can set your Zotero client to sync automatically in the preferences panel under "Sync".

Getting Help

Zotero does far more than is described in this brief summary. Abundant documentation is available at the Zotero website. This includes a number of screen cast tutorials and information on how to:

  1. Organize your Zotero library using folders and tags
  2. Integrate Zotero with your word processing software
  3. Search within your library
  4. Add notes and attachments to your references


Book Recommendations
Library Stats

Books (Print) : 35500
e-Books : 200000
Journals (Print) : 270
Journals (Electronic)  : 20000
Videos : 274
Electronic Databases : 54
Corporate Reports (Print) : 40
Corporate Reports (Digital) : 15000
CD-ROM Publications: 3700
Cases / Notes : 387/10
Bound Volumes : 6119
Annual Reports : 220

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