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1. If 20% of a number be equal to 25% of another number and the sum of total of these two numbers is 135, then what is the difference of these two numbers?
  • A. 10
  • B. 12
  • C. 14
  • D. 15
Answer +
D. 15
2. How much water is to be added to 72 L of a mixture in which orange juice and water was in the ratio 7:2, so that the final mixture contents orange juice and water in the ratio 4: 3?
  • A. 20 L
  • B. 24 L
  • C. 26 L
  • D. 30 L
Answer +
C. 26 L
3. By what percent must the cost price be increased in fixing the sales price so that after allowing a rebate of 10% the net profit is 20%?
  • A. 30%
  • B. 33.3%
  • C. 25%
  • D. 40%
Answer +
B. 33.3%
4. A and B working separately can do a piece of work in 9 and 12 days respectively. If they work in alternate days and A first starts the work, then approximately after how many days the work will be finished?
  • A. 10.5 days
  • B. 10.33 days
  • C. 10.25 days
  • D. 10.75 days
Answer +
C. 10.25 days
5. A number of students decided to go to a picnic and the total cost was estimated Rs.960. Four of them being absent, the remaining students had to contribute Rs.40 extra per head. What is the number of students that attended the picnic?
  • A. 8
  • B. 10
  • C. 12
  • D. 16
Answer +
C. 12
6. If and , then the relation between a,b and c is
  • A. a + b - c = 0
  • B. b + c - a = 0
  • C. c + a - b = 0
  • D. a = b = c
Answer +
D. a = b = c

VERBAL ABILITY- Set 1- Questions
Answer the questions based on the passage below.
"We are living amidst terror, hatred, violence, and therefore in fear. There are people who thrive on those, hatred and fear. They have nothing else to them. How did this happen? When, why? I must say to you in all honesty that the style of our politics has created this and politicians and political parties must take the responsibility for this.
I do not intend to explain anything which our Parliament might have done or not done, either. We set it up with great longings, wishes and a sense of self-respect. But when I see the way Parliament functions or, perhaps I should say, the way it does not function, it fills me with shame. Parliament is accountable before it is ‘Honorable’. It is obsessed by its honor when it should be absorbed in its duties.
And everywhere, money is King. Not the voter, not the Constitution, but money. When something or someone is King, what becomes of the Republic? From the roadside vendor who has to pay a regular payment in some hundreds of rupees to the giant Corporate that bribes its way to contracts with so many zeroes that I cannot count, we are now become a Republic of Cash.
We have become a soulless people, a people without self-confidence, without morale. A nation that does not have any ideals cannot survive. So, is there no hope? Is it all finished? Most certainly not. I spoke of the petty machinations of Aurangzeb, of the loot by Nadir Shah. We have modern versions of those amid us. But we also have, amongst us, great souls inspired by Dara Shikoh and Bahadur Shah. If we have men of the kind who killed our Bapu, we also have great and brave soldiers of a united India such as Netaji Subhas Bose would have been proud of."
1.What is the main theme of the passage above?
  • A. Lack of civility in politics
  • B. Hopelessness in politics
  • C. A general state of fear
  • D. Money is power
Answer +
D. Money is power
2. What is a synonym of machination ?
  • A. Machine-like
  • B. Mechanism
  • C. Politics
  • D. Plotting
Answer +
D. Plotting
3. Obsession with honor may lead to lack of ?
  • A. Action
  • B. Accountability
  • C. Hope
  • D. Money
Answer +
B. Accountability
4. What is the root cause behind the country becoming a ‘Republic of Cash’ ?
  • A. Poverty
  • B. Hatred
  • C. Cynicism
  • D. Lack of Ethics
Answer +
D. Lack of Ethics
5.A nation cannot survive without ?
  • A. Money
  • B. Power
  • C. Energy
  • D. Idealism
Answer +
D. Idealism

Answer the questions based on the table below.
The following Table gives the number of students appearing in 12th Standard examination along with the pass percentage of a particular state Board. For the benefit of those students who couldn't pass the examination during the month of March of a given academic year the board conducts the supplementary examination in the month of June of the same year.
March% passJune% pass
1. In which of the following years is the number of students failing the examination in the March month is the minimum:
  • A. 2009
  • B. 2010
  • C. 2011
  • D. 2012
Answer +
B. 2010
2. Considering both the months of March and June, in which year is the number of students passing the examination the minimum:
  • A. 2009
  • B. 2010
  • C. 2011
  • D. 2012
Answer +
A. 2009
3. The number of girls passing the examination in 2009 March was 40% of the total number of students who passed the examination. Subsequently the pass percentage of girls in March of every year is increasing by 5% each year. How many boys passed the examination in 2011?
  • A. 238194
  • B. 202318
  • C. 223200
  • D. 244000
Answer +
C. 223200
4. How many of those who failed in March 2012 examination didn't appear in June 2012 supplementary examination? Assume none from previous years appeared in June 2012 supplementary examination.
  • A. 453000
  • B. 321000
  • C. 6300
  • D. 9300
Answer +
D. 9300

1. In 2011, a group of farmers, having total area of land of 1350 Acre, divided it in 7:2 for paddy and wheat cultivation. However, in 2012, they have cultivated sugarcane in 177 acre, increased area for wheat by 25% and cultivated paddy in the rest of the land available. If the total area of land remained same in both years, then approximately by what percentage the area for paddy cultivation decreased in 2012 ?
  • A. 25%
  • B. 76%
  • C. 24%
  • D. 34%
Answer +
C. 24%
2. In what ratio Darjeeling tea of price Rs 32/- per kg should be mixed with Assam tea of price Rs. 25/- per kg, so that selling the mixed tea at price Rs. 32.40 would give 20% profit? What is a synonym of machination ?
  • A. 2:3
  • B. 3:2
  • C. 3:5
  • D. 2:5
Answer +
D. 2:5
3. Mohan is traveling in a bike at 3/4 of its usual speed. He is late by 21/2 hr to reach destination. The usual time to reach the destination is
  • A. 8 hrs 33 mins
  • B. 7 hrs 30 mins
  • C. 6 hrs 30 mins
  • D. 10 hrs 33 mins
Answer +
B. 7 hrs 30 mins
4. A square plate of side 4p cm is folded into a cylinder. What is the volume of the cylinder ?
  • A. 12 Π2 cc
  • B. 16 Π2 cc
  • C. 20 Π2 cc
  • D. 8 Π cc
Answer +
B. 16 Π2 cc
5. A cube of edge 15 cm is immersed completely in a rectangular vessel containing water. If the dimensions of the base of vessel are 25 cm x 15 cm, find the rise in water level. ?
  • A. 9 cm
  • B. 15 cm
  • C. 10 cm
  • D. 12 cm
Answer +
A. 9 cm
6. The analysis of sales for a departmental store shows that 20% of the purchases are made by women and 40% of the purchases are high value (i.e. over Rs 5000). If 40% of the high value customers are women, then what is the ratio between low value men and women customers ?
  • A. 10:1
  • B. 5:2
  • C. 1:1
  • D. 2:5
Answer +
A. 10:1

VERBAL ABILITY- Set 2- Questions
1. The leader must have the lion's share of thebooty. (Choose the exact meaning of the Idiom/Phrase).
  • A. the worthy part
  • B. the smaller part
  • C. the larger part
  • D. the stronger part
Answer +
C. the larger part
2. A person who is bad in spelling. (Out of the given alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the words or sentence).
  • A. Pedant
  • B. Cacographist
  • C. Linguist
  • D. Calligraphist
Answer +
B. Cacographist
3. You have been provided with the first part of a sentence. The remaining sentence is broken into four parts labeled (P), (Q), (R) and (S). You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a meaningful grammatical sentence. Choose the correct combination from the options given below.
In the modern times (first part of the sentence)
(P) certainly
(Q) hijackings are
(R) experienced by the air personnel
(S) the most cruel form of horror
  • A. SQPR
  • B. QPSR
  • C. PRQS
  • D. RSQP
Answer +
4. SEDATIVE : SLEEP:: (Verbal Analogies)
  • A. challenging : knowledge
  • B. mnemonic : memory
  • C. dramatic : story
  • D. vocal: eloquence
Answer +
B. mnemonic : memory
5. IMPREGNATE (Give the Synonym of):
  • A. Conceal
  • B. Suffer
  • C. Affect
  • D. Conclude
Answer +
C. Affect

Answer the questions based on the information below.
A group of five boys - A, B, C, D and E and five girls - P, Q, R, S and are standing in rows facing each other (not necessarily in the stated order). The group of girls is facing north.
E is not standing at any of the ends. C is immediately to the right of B and D is immediately to the left of A. Moreover, A is facing P. The number of girls between P and Q is the same as those between R and S. R and S are not facing either B or D. Finally, A is second to the left of B.
1. Which pair of boys is standing at the ends of the boy's row ?
  • A. C and D
  • B. A and B
  • C. B and D
  • D. Inadequate data
Answer +
A. C and D
2. Which of the following is definitely true ?
  • A. C is facing S
  • B. E is facing R
  • C. C is to left of E
  • D. Q is facing B
Answer +
D. Q is facing B
3. Who is standing immediately to the right of A ?
  • A. E
  • B. C
  • C. D
  • D. B
Answer +
A. E
4. Who is facing D ?
  • A. T
  • B. R
  • C. S
  • D. Q
Answer +
A. T

1. A businessman increased the price of an article twice by 20% consecutively on its cost price. He then sold the article by allowing a discount of 35%. What will be hisnet profit or loss ?
  • A. Gain by 5%
  • B. loss by 5%
  • C. loss by 6.4%
  • D. gain by 6.4%
Answer +
C. loss by 6.4%
2. The length of a rectangle is increased by 10% while the breadth was reduced by 10%. Again the length was decreased by 10% and the breadth was increased by 10%. After such operations, the area of the rectangle is increased or decreased by
  • A. no increase or decrease
  • B. 0.9% increase
  • C. 1.99% increase
  • D. 1.99% decrease
Answer +
D. 1.99% decrease
3. If a number is multiplied by 15, it is increased by the square of the number. Thenwhat is the number?
  • A. 15
  • B. 14
  • C. 16
  • D. 8
Answer +
B. 14
4. Sakshi can do a piece of work in 20 days. Tanya is 25% more efficient than Sakshi.The number of days taken by Tanya to do the same piece of work is,
  • A. 15 days
  • B. 16 days
  • C. 18 days
  • D. 25 days
Answer +
B. 16 days
5. A quantity of rice suffices a family for 30 days if 5 KG of rice is given away to charity on every consumption day. However, the same rice suffices the family for 25 days if 8 KG of rice is given away to charity on every consumption day. What is the total quantity of rice the family had in store at the beginning ?
  • A. 340 KG
  • B. 420 KG
  • C. 440 KG
  • D. 450 KG
Answer +
D. 450 KG
6. What is the least value of the expression 3x2-6x+8 is
  • A. 1
  • B. 4
  • C. 5
  • D. 7
Answer +
C. 5

VERBAL ABILITY Set 3-Questions
Answer the questions based on the passage below.
"And so while I am a disappointed man, as disappointed as you, not just in our politics and in our administration but in the reshe, tar and sut, the very fiber of our nationhood, I also know that the so-called ordinary people of India have an extraordinary core of values in them, plain human values that make them help each other in distress and in dejection. The number of courageous Indians who, unfazed by the wrongdoings of so many, continue to fight for justice, for honesty, for service, is amazing.
With their help, we must reinvent ourselves. We have to go back to where we started, to the roots of our ideals, our dreams. That good man, Kamaraj from Madras, you will remember, gave us a plan that we called the Kamaraj Plan. Ministers resigned office in large numbers to go back to the people, to where they came from. That gave us, then, a sense of idealism, of sacrifice and service for India's greatness. I will say no more except this that India needs to be governed by men and women, even if they be from outside of Parliament, outside of politics, honest people, idealists, not self-seekers disguised as pragmatists, patriots who are motivated not by power and money but by the ideals of justice and fair-dealing, giving the nation a leadership that can look us - you and me - in the eye. As I leave you, I have a request: You have shown me love as you have shown perhaps to no one. But please do not iconize me, do not idolize me, do not make a cult of me. All cults are wrong, personality cults more than all others. Disagree with me, show me where I err, correct me. I would prefer that you do that than that you follow me unthinkingly. Oxen and sheep do that, not descendants of Asoka and Rajendra Chola, Akbar and Shivaji."
1. What is a synonym of pragmatism ?
  • A. Idealism
  • B. Materialism
  • C. Cynicism
  • D. A Practical Approach
Answer +
D. A Practical Approach
2. Why personality cults are wrong ?
  • A. They are divisive
  • B. They are corrupt
  • C. They make citizens ignorant
  • D. They encourage idolizing
Answer +
D. They encourage idolizing
3. Human values make ordinary people
  • A. Honest
  • B. Self-confident
  • C. Passionate
  • D. Compassionate
Answer +
D. Compassionate
4. 'Oxen and sheep' in the passage represent
  • A. ordinary people
  • B. unthinking followers
  • C. hopeless people
  • D. ignorant people
Answer +
B. unthinking followers
5. Who would help us reinvent ourselves ?
  • A. Leaders of the past
  • B. ordinary Indian citizens
  • C. politicians
  • D. Kamaraj
Answer +
B. ordinary Indian citizens

Answer the questions based on the table below.
The number of calls (in millions) from one telecom net work to another network is given in the following Table. For example, the number of outgoing calls from Gastel to Unreliance is 431 and the number of outgoing calls from Unreliance to Gastel is 763.
1. Out of the following which network has approximately the same number of incoming and outgoing calls:
  • A. Gastel
  • B. Unreliance
  • C. Videa
  • D. Thodapone
Answer +
D. Thodapone
2. The total number of outgoing calls is minimum for:
  • A. Gastel
  • B. Unreliance
  • C. Dsnl
  • D. Bocomo
Answer +
C. Dsnl
3. Which network has the highest traffic (both incoming and outgoing put together)
  • A. Gastel
  • B. Unreliance
  • C. Videa
  • D. Thodapone
Answer +
B. Unreliance
4. If outgoing calls is an indirect measure of subscribers for a given network (lower the outgoing calls more the number of subscribers for that network) then which network has the highest number of subscribers:
  • A. Gastel
  • B. Dsnl
  • C. Videa
  • D. Bocomo
Answer +
B. Dsnl

1. A shopkeeper buys two tables in Rs. 800. He sells one table at 10% profit and the other at 20% profit. If he keeps the profit 20% for the first table and 15% for the second table, he would have gained Rs. 6.50 more. What are the cost prices of two tables ?
  • A. 215 and 585
  • B. 590 and 210
  • C. 310 and 490
  • D. 320 and 480
Answer +
C. 310 and 490
2. Distance between two places is 200 km. A jeep takes two hours less time than a car to cover this distance. If the jeep has 5 km more speed in an hour than the car, then what is the speed of the car ?
  • A. 12 km/hr
  • B. 20 km/hr
  • C. 25 km/hr
  • D. 30 km/hr
Answer +
B. 20 km/hr
3. A container contains 40 litres of milk. From this container 4 litre of milk was taken out and replaced by water. This process was repeated further two times. How much milk is now contained by the container ?
  • A. 26.34 litres
  • B. 27.36 litres
  • C. 28.00 litres
  • D. 29.16 litres
Answer +
D. 29.16 litres
4. What is the approximate number of bricks, each measuring 32 cm x 16 cm x 8 cm, required to construct a wall 24 m long, 12m high and 12 cm thick, if 20% of the wall is filled with mortar ?
  • A. 1968
  • B. 2965
  • C. 6750
  • D. 4500
Answer +
C. 6750
5. In an accounting firm, 15% of the accountants possess at least 5 years of experience and MBA degree. If 35% of the accountants have MBA degree and 45% have fewer than 5 years of experience, then what percentage of them are neither MBA nor having 5 years of experience ?
  • A. 5%
  • B. 15%
  • C. 35%
  • D. 45%
Answer +
C. 35%
6. The illumination of light from a definite bulb varies inversely with the square of the distance of the point from the source. A book is 9 cm away from the lamp. How far the book is to be moved farther so that the illumination at that place becomes 1/4 of the previous position ?
  • A. 9 cm
  • B. 18 cm
  • C. 27 cm
  • D. 36 cm
Answer +
A. 9 cm

VERBAL ABILITY Set 4-Questions
1. Flesh and blood can bear it no longer. (Choose the exact meaning of the Idiom/Phrase).
  • A. in life
  • B. at the top speed
  • C. warning
  • D. human nature
Answer +
D. human nature
2. A person who is pure and clean. (Out of the given alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the words or sentence).
  • A. Tidy
  • B. Neat
  • C. Immaculate
  • D. Irrevocable
Answer +
C. Immaculate
3. You have been provided with the first part of a sentence. The remaining sentence is broken into four parts labeled (P), (Q), (R) and (S). You are required to arrange these parts so as to form a meaningful grammatical sentence. Choose the correct combination from the options given below.
People(first part of the sentence)
(P) at his dispensary
(Q) went to him
(R) of all professions
(S) for medicine and treatment
  • A. RQSP
  • B. QPRS
  • C. QRPS
  • D. RPQS
Answer +
4. BACTERIA : DECOMPOSITON :: (Verbal Analogies)
  • A. volcano : eruption
  • B. antibiotic : injection
  • C. yeast: fermentation
  • D. oxygen : treatment
Answer +
C. yeast: fermentation
5. EXUDE (Give the Synonym of):
  • A. Ooze
  • B. Wither
  • C. Overflow
  • D. Evaporate
Answer +
A. Ooze

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