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Powers and Duties of Officer of IIM, Kozhikode

Chief Administrative Officer

Overall in-charge of administrative functions,
responsible to Director/Board/Society.
Few of the duties and responsibilities of the CAO but not limited to is as under

  1. Responsible to the Director on all Administrative matters.
  2. Ex-officio Secretary to Board of Governors, IIMK Society and Sub Committees of Finance and Construction.
  3. Establishment and Personnel matters.
  4. Estate Management & monitoring of Housekeeping, Horticulture & Security services.
  5. Contract management and related issues.
  6. Stores Management- Purchase, AMC, Accounting, Disposal and Audit.
  7. Campus Construction activities and maintenance of Structures.
  8. Chief Public Information Officer dealing with RTI matters.
  9. Legal Matters/ Discipline of staff.
  10. Academic Facilitation – Administrative and Logistic support for all Institute activities.
  11. Tasking of Engineering department under the CAO.
  12. Specific tasks given by the Board/Society/Director.
  13. Liaison with Ministry/ Local Police/ Government and Public officials.
  14. Custodian of Confidential documents and charge of policy matters and documents.

Following Senior Administrative Officers
assist Chief Administrative Officer in the
smooth and proper functioning of the
1) Senior Administrative Officer (General
2) Senior Administrative Officer (Academic
3) Senior Administrative Officer (HR)

Click here to see the Financial Powers of the CAO.

Senior Administrative Officer (General
1. All personnel matters starting from
advertisement to retirement.
2. To deal with employee’s unions and settle
the problems by negotiations etc.
3. Establishment matters, etc.
4. Estate matters.
Senior Administrative Officer (Academic
1. Overall incharge of Academic Activities of
the Institute.
2. Provide all logistics support to the MDP
3. Provide accommodation and messing
facilities for participants attending various
management development programmes
4. Liaison with participants/faculty and
various department in the Institute
5. Marketing to Managment Development
He is assisted by Assistant Administrative
Officers for proper discharge of above duties
and functions.
Senior Adminstrative Officer (HR) 1. Human Resource [Faculty, Staff (Regular & Contract)]
2. Student Affairs
3. Alumni
4. Consulting
Chief Finance Officer (CFO) CFO is Head of the Finance & Accounts
Office. CFO is responsible for proper
maintenance of accounts, disbursement,
investment, statutory auditing, CAG audit
etc. CFO is also responsible for preparing
budget estimates and revised estimates.
CFO is assisted by Accounts Officers for proper discharge of above duties and
Chief Librarian & Information Officer The Librarian is overall incharge of the
Library. Assistant Librarians help the
Librarian in the proper functioning of the
Library and always available for help to
the faculty/students/staff and others visiting
the Library.
Chief Systems Manager Overall incharge of Computer Centre. He
provides computing facility to all faculty,
officers and staff members as well as
administrative offices & class rooms. He is
also overall incharge of the computer support
system in the Institute, its procurement,
maintenance etc. Programmer help the
Systems Manager for proper discharge of the

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