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Associate Professor
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources


Fulbright Senior Fellow, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Fellow, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (Ph.D.)

PGDM (Ag), Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (MBA)
Research Areas
Talent Management; Organizational ambidexterity, Career management

Have published my work in journals such as Human Resource Management Review, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development Review, Employee Relations, Career Development International, IIMB Management Review, IJIR etc

Recent Consulting / Other Assignments
A Benchmarking study of the Performance Appraisal System at a multi-business healthcare company (with a colleague)

Evaluation of Training establishments for empanelment as training agencies for an establishment under Govt of Kerala (with two colleagues)

Diagnostic study of HR processes for an MNC in the Control valve industry (with a colleague)

Organizational restructuring, job analysis and HR systems implementation for an Eye Hospital (with two colleagues)


Academic Positions
Managing Editor, IIMK Society & Management Review, June 2017-March 2019

Chairperson, Research Committee, June 2017 - March 2019

Associate Editor, IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review (2015-2017)

Senior Fellow, Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School (2013-14)

Chairperson, FPM (Doctoral Programme), April 2012 - March 2013

Chairperson, OB&HR Area, April 2010-March 2012


Other Professional Appointments
Member of Expert committee, Pay/Wage revision of State PSUs

Member of the Governing Council, Guruvayurappan Institute of Management, Coimbatore

Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellowship (2013-14)

Significant Publications
Significant Journal publications

Talent Management and dynamic view of talent in small and medium enterprises, Human Resource Management Review, 27(3), 2017, 431-441 (with Scullion, H.)

"Causes, Contingencies, and Consequences of Disengagement at Work: An Integrative Literature Review", Human Resource Development Review, 17(1), 2018 (With Rastogi, A., Pati, SP., Krishnan, S.)

"Identifying the focal role of top management paradoxical cognition in ambidextrous firms", Management Decision, 56(1), 2018 (with Venugopal, A. and Kumar)

"Strengthening organizational ambidexterity with top management team mechanisms and processes" The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2017, 1-32. (with Venugopal, A. Kumar, M. & Upadhyayulu, R.S.)

Response rate in industrial surveys conducted in India: Trends and implications, IIMB Management Review (2016) (with Paulose, S.)

"Understanding employment relationship in Indian organizations through the lens of psychological contracts”, Employee Relations, 33(5), 551-569, 2011

“A re-conceptualization of career systems, its dimensions and proposed measures”, Career Development International, 16(7), 706-732, 2011 (with Maheshwari, S.K.)

“An exploratory study on executive management education through technology mediated distance learning in India”, Industrial and Commercial Training, 44(7), 389–397, 2012

“Diversity in career systems: The role of employee work values”, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 47(4): 685-699, 2012

“Technological change & employment relations in India”, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 45(3), 367-380, 2010

Book Chapters

"Consulting at Indian Hygiene Products Limited: Entry and Contracting" In Donald L. Anderson (Ed.) Cases and Exercises in Organization Development & Change (2nd Ed.). 2017 (with Chatterjee, D.) SAGE Publications, Inc

"HR and Leadership Challenges for Businesses in India", MacMillan: New Delhi, 2011, (Eds with Chatterjee, D & Dhal, M.)

“Breach of Psychological Contracts – The role of Human Resource Systems” In Singh, S. (Ed.) Global competition and competitiveness of Indian corporates (Pp: 83-97), MacMillan: New Delhi, 2012

“Challenges of talent management in small and medium enterprises in India”. In Chatterjee, D,, Dhal, M., Krishnan, T.N. (Eds.) HR and Leadership Challenges for Businesses in India (Pp: 171-188), MacMillan: New Delhi , (with Prakash, V. 2011).

“Challenges of talent management in small and medium enterprises in India”. In Chatterjee, D,, Dhal, M., Krishnan, T.N. (Eds.) HR and Leadership Challenges for Businesses in India (Pp: 171-188), MacMillan: New Delhi , (with Prakash, V. 2011).

Practitioner Journals

Career progression of female talent: Issues and challenges, National HRD Network Journal, 2017

Recruiting and retaining talent, Tyre Asia, April-May 2018

Present day career demographics, Human Capital, December 2016

Need for and Perspective of Talent Management, National HRD Network Journal, January 2015

Case Studies


Hindustan Unilever: Aligning talent strategy with marketing challenges, IIMK Case


Conferences, Seminars & Talks
"Sustaining a Social Enterprise: Palash Eye Hospital," paper presented at the program of the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) at San Antanio, Texas, US, October 13-15, 2011 (co-authored with Chatterjee, D., and Tandon, A.)

“Changing technologies and employee relationship management in India”, Sixth Asia Academy of Management Conference at Taipei, Taiwan, December 14-16, 2008

“Breach of psychological contracts – The role of human resource systems”, 3rd Conference on Global Competition and Competitiveness of Indian Corporates, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India, May 29-31, 2008

"Determinants of employee career effectiveness - An empirical study", Fourth Asia Academy of Management Conference, Shanghai, China, December 16- 18, 2004 (Co-authored with Maheshwari, S.K.)


Talent Management

Performance Management

Leadership and Corporate Accountability

Human Resource Management


Working Papers
1.   Technological Change and Employment Relations in India
T. N. Krishnan    (2009)    Abstract

2.   A New Conceptualization of Career System, Its Dimensions and Proposed Measures
T.N.Krishnan    (2010)    Abstract
3.   Understanding Employment Relationship in Indian Organizations Through The Lens of Psychological Contracts
T.N.Krishnan    (2010)    Abstract

4.   Response rate in industrial surveys conducted in India:Trends and Implications
T N Krishnan,Shobitha Poulose    (2013)    Abstract


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