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Quantitative Methods and Operations Management

Ph.D., (DoMS IIT Madras, July 2005 - Dec 2008)

M.E., Industrial Engineering (PSG Tech Coimbatore, 2003 - 2005)

B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering (JNTU Hyderabad, 1999 - 2003)
Research Areas
Transportation network optimization, Military Logistics, and Operations Research in Healthcare

Current Projects
On the amenability and suitability of ant colony algorithms for convoy movement problem - SGRP - IIM Kozhikode

Freight routing through capacitated hubs - NOL, Singapore

Academic Positions
Associate Professor, IIM Kozhikode (Jan 2016 - to date)

Assistant Professor, IIM Kozhikode (Sep 2012 - Dec 2015)

Visiting Assistant Professor, IIM Kozhikode (Sep 2010 - Aug 2012)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, NTU Singapore (Jan 2009 - Aug 2010)


Other Professional Appointments
Chairperson - International Relations - IIM Kozhikode: Apr 2014 - March 2016

Associate Editor, Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation, SAGE Publishers - From 2010 onwards

Significant Publications
V.Anjana, R.Sridharan and P N Ram Kumar (2019), "Metaheuristics for solving a multi-objective flow shop scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times", Journal of Scheduling, DOI:10.1007/s10951-019-00610-0

C.R.Vishnu, R. Sridharan, P.N.Ram Kumar (2019) “Supply chain risk management: models and methods”, International Journal of Management and Decision Making, Vol.18(1), 17 – 61.

Anilkumar Elavanakattu Narayanan, Rajagopalan Sridharan, P.N. Ram Kumar (2018) "Analyzing the interactions among barriers of sustainable supply chain management practices: A case study", Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, https://doi.org/10.1108/JMTM-06-2017-0114

C.R. Vishnu, R. Sridharan, P.N. Ram Kumar (2018) “Supply chain risk inter-relationships and mitigation in Indian scenario: an ISM-AHP integrated approach”, Accepted for publication in International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management.

Anjana V, R. Sridharan, P.N. Ram Kumar (2018) “Hybrid genetic algorithm for multi-objective flow shop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup time: Parameter design using Taguchi

John Sajan, R. Sridharan, P.N. Ram Kumar, M. Krishnamoorthy (2018) “Multi-Period Reverse Logistics Network Design for Used Refrigerators”, Applied Mathematical Modeling, Vol.54, 311 - 331.

John Sajan, R. Sridharan and P.N. Ram Kumar (2018) “Reverse logistics network design: A case of mobile phones and digital cameras”, International Journal of Advaned Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 94, pp:615 - 631.

Sajan John, R. Sridharan and P N Ram Kumar (2017) "Multi-period reverse logistics network design with emission cost", International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol 28 (1), 127 - 149.

P.N. Ram Kumar, A.I. Sivakumar (2013) “Simulated Annealing based algorithm for the Capacitated Hub Routing Problem”, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, Vol 14(2), 221 – 235.

P.N. Ram Kumar and T.T. Narendran (2011) “On the usage of Lagrangean Relaxation for the Convoy Movement Problem”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Vol 62, 722 –728.

P.N. Ram Kumar, P.K.Rai, A.I. Sivakumar, Peeyush Mehta and Ashok Mittal (2011) “Impact of aggregating supplies from a single supplier to a cluster of producers: opportunities for 3PL service providers”, International Journal of Operational Research, Vol 12(2), 192 – 206.

P.N. Ram Kumar, A.I. Sivakumar (2011) “On solving the capacitated hub routing problem”, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, Vol 8(4), 392 – 402.

P.N. Ram Kumar and T.T. Narendran (2010) “Convoy Movement Problem – An Optimization perspective”, published in Innovations in Defense Support Systems - 1: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 304, 79-93, Springer Verlag, Germany.

P.N. Ram Kumar, T.T. Narendran, and A.I. Sivakumar (2009) “Bi-criteria Convoy Movement Problem”, Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation, Vol 6 (3), 151 – 165.

P.N. Ram Kumar and T.T. Narendran (2009) “Heuristics for Convoy Movement Problem”, Strategic Analysis, Vol 33 (4), 590 – 606

P.N. Ram Kumar and T.T. Narendran (2009) “A mathematical approach for variable speed Convoy Movement Problem”, Defense and Security Analysis, Vol 25 (2), 137 – 155.

P.N. Ram Kumar and T.T. Narendran (2008) “Integer Programming Formulation for Convoy Movement Problem”, International Journal of Intelligent Defence Support Systems, Vol 1 (3), 177 – 188.


Conferences, Seminars & Talks
P.N. Ram Kumar. "On modeling the step fixed charge transportation problem", Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology and Business Management", Dubai, March 24 - 26, 2014

P.N. Ram Kumar and T.T. Narendran. “Convoy Movement Problem – An optimization perspective”, Doctoral symposium at the IISc-IBM Research Third Operations Research and Data analytics Workshop, March 3- 4, 2008, Bangalore, India.

P.N.Ram Kumar and T.T.Narendran. “Bounds for Convoy Movement Problem”, Proceedings of the XI Annual International Conference of Society of Operations Management, December 20-23, 2007, Nashik, India.

P.N.Ram Kumar and K.Natarajan. “Application of Simulated Annealing for solving Uncapacitated Facility Location Problems”, Proceedings of the National conference on Recent Trends in Design and Manufacturing Technologies, March 17-18, 2005, Coimbatore, India.

P.N.Ram Kumar and P.C.Krishnamachary. “Condition based Monitoring – A state of art Review”, Proceedings of the Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing technology, April 4, 2004, Chennai, India.


Operations Research (Fundamentals)

Operations Research (Advanced)

Operations Management


Working Papers
1.   On modeling the step fixed-charge transportation problem
Ram Kumar P N    (2013)    Abstract


Contact Details

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIMK Campus P. O., Kozhikode, Kerala,
PIN - 673 570

Phone: +91-495-2809100
Fax: +91-495-2803010-11

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