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Summer Placements Report - Archives

Summer Internship is an integral part of the PGP course at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. During their first year, students are trained in functional areas of Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Economics, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Operations and Information Technology which orient them towards a business culture. The courses aim at molding their work ethic and developing skills highly valued by the contemporary industry.

At the completion of the first year in PGP course, students spend 8-10 weeks during the summer in the industry. Students are exposed to a real time business environment, and take up responsibilities and goals which aim at being mutually beneficial for both the student and the organization. It serves as a platform for applying the management theories learnt in the classroom and helps in providing clarity about the functional area that they desire to specialize in. Internships thus have a crucial influence on the career path and choice of organization by a student.

  • Internships have a distinct edge over interview-based final recruitment as a method of evaluating potential employees.
  • Deserving candidates often get Pre-Placement Offers, and students at IIM Kozhikode have enjoyed a particularly special relationship with their recruiters in this regard.
  • Summer interns offer a fresh perspective to projects. They are in a unique position to provide an objective and unbiased point of view about the organization’s work processes.
  • The students also act as brand ambassadors for the organization on campus, acting as spokespersons and spreading awareness about the company in general.

The recruitment process for summer internship commences from the first week of October. Companies can plan interaction with the students, either on any prior day or on the day they visit the campus for summer recruitment. Companies can choose any method suitable to them for selecting summer interns.

Companies are encouraged to send us their Job Description at least 15 days in advance. This will enable us to forward the resumes of interested candidates, and any other information that the organizations may require, before their visit to the campus.

Since students are obliged to accept the first summer job offered to them, companies are requested to select students well in advance.

Final Placements

Final placements are conducted at the end of the second year for final year students. During final placements, companies are allotted slots based on a democratic slotting process. The process will start in the month of January. Students who get offers during lateral placements will be automatically signed out of the placements process and will be unavailable for final placements. A student on getting an offer during the final placements process is signed out of the process.

Placement Chairperson's Message

Dear recruiters,

I would like to begin by thanking all our prestigious recruiters who have been a major source of encouragement for keeping our focus on the alignment of our courses with changing industry requirements. The time has come again for us to present a group of vibrant, young and dynamic minds to the outer world that waits to test and absorb the talent radiating from every individual.

At the institute we systematically expose our students to the strong fundamentals in their subject areas. At the same time we hone their interpersonal skills to create a brand of managers who have a global outlook, cultural empathy and social responsibility. Apart from the trimester based rigorous coursework, the students of the institute are also oriented towards building their managerial skills and perspectives by conducting consulting assignments, corporate interactions, business competitions, social development projects, interest group interactions, and extra-curricular activities.

Our institute is committed to creating excellence and perfection as its core mission. It constantly practices innovation in management learning that is not only conceptual but also analytical and oriented towards decision making.

Needless to say we take great pride in our industry partnership and constantly strive to make this affiliation mutually beneficial. We therefore take this opportunity again to invite you to the placement program for the new batch and eagerly seek your invaluable cooperation.

Best Wishes!,

Prof. Shovan Chowdhury
Chairperson - Placements
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

Placements Calendar

What What
An eight-nine week long internship at the organization provides students and organizations a mutual learning opportunity.
Final Placements is an avenue for companies to pick future business leaders from the richest management talent pool in the country.
How How
Step 1 (September 1st week onwards)
Step 1 (November 2nd week onwards)
Companies make a PPT outlining the various roles/projects on offer during summers.
The company contacts the Placements Committee, schedules a date and makes a PPT to the students interested and eligible to participate in the process.
Step 2 (September last week onwards)
Step 2 (December)
Based on students' preference, company's slot is confirmed by the Placements Committee. Resumes of interested candidates are sent to the company, and thereafter the shortlists are provided.
The resumes of interested candidates are sent to the company. The company in turn reverts with a shortlist. The company's slot in the placement process is confirmed by the Placement Committee. The slot is determined by the students with the help of a democratic slotting process.
Step 3 (October 1st week onwards)
Step 3 (January, 2nd week onwards)
Companies arrive on campus and after conducting their selection process, make offers to the students according to the manner prescribed for their slot.
The process begins. Selection processes of various participating companies are organized by slot. Recruitment processes of companies in the same slot progress in parallel.
Step 4 (April to June)
Step 4 (April)
Students are available for internship lasting 8-9 weeks.
Final acceptance of the offers is communicated to the company, and the students are available to join work from April.
Step 5 (June to November)
Companies can offer PPOs during this time period, the acceptance of which shall be communicated at the end of Final Placements.

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Students' Placements Committee

The Students' Placements Committee is a task force consisting of students that act as a liaison between the Institute and the Corporates. It is responsible for organizing various campus engagement activities like workshops, case competitions, leadership talks and preplacement talks. It shoulders the responsibility of handling Final Placements and Summer Placements for over 1000 students across 3 batches. It is responsible for framing the Placements guidelines and facilitating the best fit between students and job opportunities.

The committee that gives shape to your future, that gives wings to your dreams, that grooms you by its grind, that gives you a chance to leave a dent - the Students' Placements Committee.

Contact Us

Prof. Shovan Chowdhury Chairperson (Placements)
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIMK Campus P. O.
Kozhikode 673 570, Kerala, India


Mr. Ravindran V V [AO - Placements]
Placement Office
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode,
IIMK Campus P. O.,
Kozhikode 673 570, Kerala, India

+91-495-2809139, Mobile: 9446482581, 9400053012

Placement Office
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode,
IIMK Campus P. O.,
Kozhikode 673 570, Kerala, India


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Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
IIMK Campus P. O., Kozhikode, Kerala,
PIN - 673 570

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