Project Management is one of the key areas that require maximum attention from the management. The non-repetitive, irreversible nature of activities and huge capital investment make the knowledge of scientific and advanced skills mandatory for proper management of projects. The number of tasks and their interrelationship is very complex even in the case of a small project resulting in cost and time overruns. This Project Leadership Programme looks at various facets of designing and managing complex projects and illustrates how a good project management practices can result in high performing projects.

Learning Outcomes:

The Programme will help managers to learn:

  • To distinguish between uncertainty and complexity elements in large projects
  • How to use structured project methodology to address complexities in projects
  • To lead the project implementation team effectively to ensure high
  • performance in the project environment

Programme themes and Coverage:

This Programme seeks to provide inputs on the topics of:

  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Design and Plan Development
  • Project Resources Management: Internal and External
  • Project, Tracking Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Introduction to new methods for managing projects like agile project management

Participants Profile:

The Programme is designed for executives involved in Project Management roles in Government, public sector and private sector enterprises.


The Programme will include various methods of training such as lectures, discussions, case studies, etc. These methods will be used to provide inputs to facilitate conceptual understanding and hands on experience in managing complex projects.