Sales force is at the vortex of the rapidly changing customers, competitors, products, technologies and markets. This makes their job more challenging than any other counter parts in the organization. A core challenge in front of a sales manager is to enhance the sales force performance under demanding and rapidly changing environment. This Programme is designed for executives to discuss and analyze the aspects of accelerating the sales force performance. Discussions, case studies, exercises and simulation are the key sources of interaction and learning. The Programme also acknowledges active involvement of the participants as key source of learning.


This Programme is about managing sales force and thus covers from identifying the potential to managing and evaluating the sales force. Some of the key topics to be dealt in the Programme are:

  • Influencing sale force for improved productivity
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making in Sales Context
  • Innovative and Effective Tools for Sales force Selection and Recruitment
  • Develop a framework for structuring the sales force, territorial design and quota allocations
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence as a leader and building teams Analytics for better motivation, compensation, and performance management.

Participants Profile:

The Programme is targeted for the executives with designations similar to or like State leaders, Regional managers or National Sales Managers.