The recent rise of analytics has resulted in a great demand for business analysts and the trend will only continue to rise. Predictive analytics is one of the important aspects of business analytics. It is all about offering actionable business predictions through interesting and meaningful patterns in data. It has been proven to be highly useful in industries such as banking, insurance, telecom, retail, travel, healthcare etc. and has shown very positive impact on business decision making. Many companies are showing their inclinations towards predictive analytics to thrive and compete against their competitors.

This is a four-day Programme with extensive hands-on exercises with different predictive analytic techniques using the R statistical software. The Programme will begin with exploratory data analysis with an introduction to R followed by in-depth discussion of predictive analytic tools with their applications in marketing, finance, operations and other areas within R environment.


The Programme has the objective of introducing the participants with the concepts, methods and techniques of predictive analytics. Participants will also gain the requisite skills in statistical software R to perform predictive analytics in real-life business scenarios and use the techniques to interpret model outputs. At the end of the Programme the participants will be able to.

  • Identify business situation where predictive analytics can be applied and the benefits which can be derived
  • Acquire basic skill of R Programming and its implementation in predictive analytics
  • Apply predictive analytic tools appropriately
  • Assess and select the appropriate analytic tool to validate the predictive models
  • Analyze the results and communicate the decision to end users


  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics
  • Basics of data analysis and Introduction to R
  • How to make predictions using multiple regression models
  • Use of logistic regression modeling in predictive analytics
  • Predictive modeling using Decision Trees
  • Assessing predictive models through cross-validation
  • Time series forecasting

Targeted Participants/profile:

This Programme is intended for

  • Professionals who are either new to the analytics domain or wish to change their career to analytics
  • Business analysts who want to sharpen their knowledge in predictive analytics
  • Domain specialists and anyone within a wide range of professional backgrounds planning to undertake business analytics projects with the help of predictive analytic tools
  • Fresh engineers, graduates and post-graduates want to join analytics companies Academicians from business schools
  • Knowledge or familiarity with basic statistics, analytics and statistical software will be useful but not mandatory for the Programme.


The pedagogy for the Programme will be a mix of lectures, case discussions, hands on training in R, group presentations