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IIM Kozhikode sees the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) as a crucial source of management researchers and faculty resources of top quality for academic institutions, industry, business, government and society. The majority of our Fellows go for a job in academics.

Our graduated fellows have become faculty members in many prestigious National Institutes as enlisted below:

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore
  • Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Trichy
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras
  • National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai

Our graduated fellows have also joined in reputed universities in Europe, North America and Middle East either as faculty members or as post-doctoral researchers. The Universities are:

  • Loughborough University, United Kingdom
  • Durham University Business School, United Kingdom
  • University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • Strathclyde Business School, United Kingdom
  • Middlesex University, Dubai
  • University College of London
  • University of St. Gallen

Some of the graduated fellows joined other prestigious educational institutions in India:

  • Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur
  • Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), Chennai
  • Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore
  • Bennet University, Noida
  • FLAME University, Pune

Our FPM students who opted for non-academic jobs, have received offers in prestigious positions from reputed corporate organizations, such as:

  • Analytics expert, HDFC Mutual Funds
  • Lead, Chief Technology Officer Research Team , WIPRO
  • Dy. Manager (Systems), SBI

Click here to see the list of placement for all of our graduated fellows.

Alumni Endorsements:

I believe that FPM@IIMK is the Best PhD programme in the world. This is evident from the achievements of the FPMs while and after the programme. The most important ingredient of the programmes is the excellent, hardworking, and supporting teachers. FPM@K is a very well structured and comprehensive programme designed to equip the students will world-class research skills. The facilities and support provided is excellent. Living and conducting research at the beautiful campus was a life changing experience for me as a student. I am really proud to be the first FPM to graduate from IIMK.
Manish Shukla, FPM 01
Assistant Professor
Durham University Business School, Durham, UK
FPM at IIMK is much more than just a doctoral degree. It is an education that lasts a lifetime. The program gives freedom to pursue personal academic interests without compromising on the rigour of research. It equips individuals to ask interesting questions and navigate the path from the ambiguous to the clearly defined, a skill that not only serves one well in academics but also in personal and professional life. The intense academic training is complemented by a supportive culture, both of which enable individuals to develop into professionals with a strong academic and ethical fibre.
Ankita Tandon,FPM 02
Assistant Professor
FLAME University, Pune
FPM @ IIMK provided me with a strong foundation on research methods and played a huge role in personal and professional development. This program is a perfect mix of courses and thesis work at the end of which one can develop strong acumen in research and sharp critical thinking.
N Krishnadas,FPM 02
Faculty of Business Management
Middlesex University, Dubai
The institute has world class facilities and resources that provide a holistic learning environment. FPM curriculum is designed in a way to nurture critical thinking abilities and develops a solid foundation in research methodology. My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, staff, and everyone at IIMK family for their support and altruism.
Supriya K,FPM 04
Faculty of Business Management
Middlesex University, Dubai.
I embarked on my research journey as a candidate of the first batch of FPM in the beautiful environs of IIM Kozhikode. The rigorous FPM and PGP courses in our curriculum helped me develop a multi-disciplinary outlook and strong teaching abilities. The encouragement of my thesis supervisor, Dr. Rupesh Pati, and generous support of the Institute, enabled my research excellence in the field of Supply Chain Management through conferences, journal publications, international collaborations and research projects such as the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute Internship at HEC Montreal. Since inception, IIMK’s Fellow Programme has quickly become a stepping stone to world-class academic careers.
Sushmita A. Narayana,FPM 01
Assistant Professor
National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai
"Over the years, the FPM programme in IIM Kozhikode has benefitted significantly from the strong academic culture of the institute and the research ecosystem that it has built. In addition to facilitating learning from discerning faculty members, the programme provides the scope to experiment and learn from one's own experiences. The ambience at the IIMK campus and the support infrastructure provided to students creates a conducive environment for pursuing high quality research. The course structure, it's global focus and the rigorous training prepares students for teaching careers at home and in overseas markets as well. "
Mukundhan K V,FPM 03
Faculty Member
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli
Based on many years of experience in top management positions, I can attest that numerous problems exist in managing projects, products, people, and organizations. These problems are persistent mainly because our methods have become rote and fixated. And there is not much science in the managerial work. It was therefore with an active expectation of discovery that I enrolled for the FPM program at IIM Kozhikode. As I was returning to academics after many years, I was also hesitant about my ability to perform in a field that appeared quite alien. I am glad I enrolled. FPM at IIMK is backed by an extraordinarily talented faculty, an excellent library system, very cooperative staff, and a sylvan campus setting - all contribute to making it a very strong program. I have been amazed at the speed with which the program transformed me from industry to research as I experienced other scholars at the many international conferences. I would rank the program above many other IIMs and top B-schools. If you are looking for research, IIMK is a very safe bet.
Milind Shrikant Padalkar,FPM 07
School of Management, Bennett University Greater NOIDA, UP 201310
As because I was in academics before joining IIMK, pursuing PHD or equivalent degree course was essential not only from the job market perspective but also to become a complete academician. Having a world class research infrastructure and a pool of top notch faculty, IIMK can never be a second choice to enroll for FPM. IIMK not only provided a quality environment to complete my research work but also provided healthy, comfortable and pleasant stay (with family) inside the campus during my FPM. In the god's own country and in god's own campus, it was a transformational experience. Thank you IIMK...
Ram Kumar Dhurkari,FPM 02
Assistant Professor and Chair (Information Systems)
IFMR Chennai, Sri City Campus
The quality of academic infrastructure together with the serene atmosphere at IIM Kozhikode offers a perfect setting for intellectual development. FPM at IIM Kozhikode also helped me to evolve on both professional and personal front.
Sreevas Sahasranamam,FPM 06
Lecturer & Chancellor's Fellow, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship
Strathclyde Business School, Glasgow, UK
Currently, I am engaged at HDFC Mutual Funds as an Analytics expert, building statistical models using historical data of customers to predict future business. Prior to this, at IndiaFirst Life Insurance, we deployed statistical solutions leading to profits worth INR 6 crs for the company.
Proficiencies attained at IIMK are undoubtedly helping me to increase from strength to strength in my career. I am filled with gratitude towards my faculty members, mentors, and friends who have shaped my individuality. The strong conceptual foundations and cherished set of friends are my takeaways from the time spent here.
Nikunj Agarwal,FPM 05
Analytics Expert
HDFC Mutual Funds, Mumbai
The FPM programme at IIM Kozhikode equips young management scholars with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to become competent researchers in their chosen fields of study. In addition to providing one of the most picturesque campuses to learn at, IIM Kozhikode furnishes the platform to learn from some of the best research minds in the country. Moreover, the FPM programme at the Indian Institutes of Management provides its doctoral candidates with opportunities to observe, assimilate, and emulate global standards of quality in their research.
Aparna Venugopal,FPM 05
Post Doctoral Fellow
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada
"In my current job profile I apply the theoretical knowledge that I gained while finishing my thesis, 'Three Essays on Indian Equity Options Market'. I work as an algorithmic trader in a proprietary (stock broking) trading firm. I develop automated trading strategies for obtaining statistical advantages while trading options. Primarily, my function is to create new and better machine learning algorithms to forecast volatility of returns to gather profits. I code on C/C++, Python, R, MATLAB and EVIEWS. I also conduct a lot of time-series analysis on big (tick-by-tick) dataset to search for price mismatches. My research interests are in the area of options strategies, algorithmic trading, reinforced machine learning and behavioural finance"
Abhishek Kumar,FPM 05
Having completing my FPM from IIM Kozhikode, I am currently employed with IIM Indore as Assistant Professor. My journey at IIM Kozhikode was intellectually stimulating and academically challenging. A rigorous coursework in the first two years ensured that I had a good base in relevant academic literature. This foundation was further nurtured by exceptional faculty mentors who patiently guided me. Early opportunities to assist faculty in teaching helped me learn the nuances of the trade effectively. IIM Kozhikode also gave me opportunities to explore non-academic fronts like football and basketball. Overall, the program is well designed to shape participants as better academicians
Subin Sudhir,FPM 04
Assistant Professor
IIM Indore
Any journey is all about choice-making. FPM journey is no different as it involves the choice of mentor (advisors), choice of research topic, choice of research team, choice of journals, etc. Unlike (or like) other journeys, most of the choices are irreversible. I strongly feel that FPM @ IIMK provides a very supportive ecosystem to make these choices wisely. I wish all the current and future fellows of IIMK a wonderful experience of choice-making :)
Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy
Assistant Professor
University of Liverpool Management School, UK
When I first set my foot in IIM Kozhikode, I had the dream of attaining a doctoral degree. The 6 years in the golden green campus taught me to aspire higher and higher. The campus is a knowledge hotpot with experts in all areas willing to converse with and impart knowledge to the students. The subject areas covered are also diverse and superior to even those in PhD programs in foreign universities. The reputation of the institution helps those students seeking opportunities abroad, as it certainly did in my case.
In addition to these, I also consider myself an example to demonstrate that a woman can have it all if she has the right support system around her. I was a mother of a 1 year old when I joined the FPM program in IIM Kozhikode, and had my second child during the program. However, in several ways, the institutional, infrastructural and emotional support offered by my teachers, colleagues and support staff of IIMK helped me survive the rigour of the program and to successfully complete it. Family accommodation and crèche facilities within the campus were a boon to me and others. IIMK does not set an expiry limit on anyone's ambitions, and expect only hard work in return. I would like to thank IIMK, my teachers, members of staff and my friends for the opportunity of a lifetime that shaped me as a researcher and a better human being.
Vidya S Panicker
Assistant Professor in International Business
School of Business and Economics
Loughborough University, United Kingdom.
The doctoral program at IIM Kozhikode is a truly amazing program that provides a right balance of three things that are vital for success of a doctoral scholar: An active mentor-ship, supportive financial and other research infrastructure across the University, and autonomy to student's research interest. I enjoyed working with various faculty members both within and outside my committee. They always provided to me honest feedback and challenged me to stretch and grow. I appreciate the training I received to become an independent researcher and teacher, which helps me prepare my academic career. Pursuing the doctorate degree in this beautiful campus was an wonderful experience.
Pradeep Kumar Hota, FPM 06
The Fellow Programme in Management (PhD) at IIM Kozhikode offers an idyllic setting for asking questions and seeking answers. It guides eager minds to deconstruct what appears mundane, imagine beyond the obvious and yet be structured in their thought processes. IIM Kozhikode provides an enabling institutional set-up to help students emerge into independent researchers. I'll forever be grateful.
Ashish Rastogi, FPM 07
Assistant Professor
Jindal Global Business School
Sonipat (Haryana)
Choice of FPM at IIM Kozhikode is the best decision I have ever made in my life. FPM@IIMK sharpens the researcher in you. The rigorous coursework and research process equip you to explore beyond the horizons and thereby expand your frontiers of knowledge. This program provide all supportive infrastructure which include excellent faculty guidance, library support and a learning atmosphere that ensure a memorable and worthwhile thesis journey for doctoral students. Proud to be an FPM@IIMK.
Merin Jacob, FPM 05
Assistant Professor
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
FPM @ IIMK has been the best part of my student life. The program offers the right blend of course work and research training during the initial days of FPM, which helps one to develop both as a researcher and an academician. IIMK has offered me an opportunity to be the best version of myself.
Lijo John, FPM 06

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