In the competitive global economy companies are slowly moving towards conducting their business in form of Projects (small or large scale). Project Management is the art and science of managing the business of an organization/nation to achieve its stated vision. While quite a few Indian projects have achieved outstanding performance and even set international benchmarks, Project Management in India still has tremendous scope for improvement for both in theory and applications. Project mode of operation is becoming common in almost all sectors like construction, telecommunication, defense, information technology, manufacturing, disaster management, social sector. There is a need to do focused research to understand the complexities and uncertainties that determine the success of a project. There is also a need to create “project mode of thinking” among practitioners and graduates to effectively deliver projects in variety of fields. All these necessitate focused effort on developing faculty who could conduct in-depth research while mastering the art of curating project management practitioners through teaching and training. Realizing this need, IIMK is organizing a 6 day Faculty Development on “Project Management Excellence in the Emerging World of Disruption” from February 25- March 2, 2019. This FDP will be organized in conjunction with PMI Research and Academic Conference which will be organized in the same venue between February 28-March 2, 2019 giving participants an unique opportunity to interact with a variety of expert researchers, academicians and practitioners. The theme of PMIRAC2019 is “Project management in the emerging world of disruption”. On completion of the FDp the participant would receive the FDP certificate from IIMK and conference participation certificate from PMI


Better awareness and advancement in technology have made a number of pedagogies available today with the teachers such as case study methods, simulations, power-point presentations, role-play, assignments, chalk-board teaching etc. A teacher needs to make a rational choice of one or more of these pedagogies. However, the use of the innovative methods of teaching-learning requires training and expertise on the part of the teacher.

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FDP will be organized over six days. Initial two day will focus on developments in Project Management (PM) and give an in depth understanding of PMBOK as well as its applications in various sectors using varying methodologies like case study, simulation, group exercise etc. Day 3 addresses various upcoming research paradigms, complexity and uncertainty aspects as well as Project management research tools and methodologies. Day 4 would be an industry interaction session where application of various disruptive technologies across different sectors would be discussed. Day 5 and Day 6 would be marked by events of upcoming research in various domain as well as doctoral colloquium, innovations in project management etc.



For FDP (along with Conference): As Per IIMK policy

Cancellation Policy:

In the event of cancellation of nomination, full refund of the program fee will be made, if request is received in writing at least 21 days before commencement of the program. No refund will be made if such a request comes after this date.