Program Structure

Areas of specialization

The PhD in Management (Practice Track) at IIMK will be offered through the following Areas of Specializations :


PhD in Management (Practice Track) at IIMK has two phases: course work and thesis research. The first year divided into Terms 0, 1 and 2 covers the course work. The participant begins her/his work towards thesis reseach in the second year after qualifying the Comprehensive Qualifying Examination.

First Year


Course Code




PhDPT 0C01



PhDPT 0C02

Accounting and Financial Management


PhDPT 0C03

Organizational Theory and Organizational Behaviour


PhDPT 0C04

Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques



PhDPT 1C01

Philosophy of Management


PhDPT 1C02

Research Methodology


PhDPT 1C03

Multivariate Data Analysis


PhDPT 1C04

Qualitative Research


PhDPT 1C05

Econometric Applications for Research



Area level Compulsory Course




Area level or Sectoral level elective I



Area level or Sectoral level elective II



Area level or Sectoral level elective III



Cross Area level Course


  • Semester 0 (tentatively July - September) is optional for participants with a PGDM/EPGDM/MBA degree/diploma but compulsory for all others.
  • All courses in Semester 0 are compulsory for Semester 0 participants.
  • Philosophy of Management and Research Methodology are compulsory in Semester I. Participants must join in any two of the three courses of Econometric Applications for Research, Multivariate Data  Analysis and Qualitative Research in Semester I.
  • Classes will be conducted in the IIMK campus. The participants have an attendance requirement of 50%.
  • In Semester 0 (tentatively July-September), the two visits would consist of 10 and 12 days respectively.
  • In Semester 1 (tentatively, October-March), the participants are expected to undertake three visits. Each visit would be for a period of 8 days starting Saturday of a week to ending on a Sunday of week.
  • In Semester 2 (tentatively April-September), the participants are expected to make two to three visits ranging from 12 days to 24 days altogether.

Second Year

Area Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE)

Successful completion of the first phase requires passing the Area Comprehensive Qualifying Examination (CQE) to proceed to the second phase of programme. In the second phase participants undertake thesis research work with a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) which comprises three faculty members. The RAC Chair must be from the chosen area.

Visits to the Campus

From the second year onwards till submission of the draft thesis, the participants are expected to make regular visits. A minimum of four days of visit in a quarter is mandated. However, the participant/RAC has the flexibility to convert the quarterly mandated visits into a single visit every semester.

Main Research Problem

From the second year onwards, after satisfactory completion of the CQE, the participant will start working on the main research problem of the PhD thesis. The participant must submit a progress report forwarded by the RAC chairperson during the registration each term.

Third Year Onwards

The participant should present an Open Proposal Seminar on the research problem. The participant is also expected to work towards presenting a paper at a conference and/or making one publication.

The participant will present the draft thesis in an open seminar, called Pre-submission Seminar, after the RAC clears the draft for the same. Thesis will be modified based on comments received from the RAC and the audience of the seminar. The duly modified draft thesis may be submitted for evaluation.



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