There is a lot of flexibility in the course selection. In Semester II, Participants can take up to two Courses of Independent Study out of three Area level or Sectoral level electives. The participant can choose a particular topic as a topic of dissertation and courses around that topic may be proposed.
There is no accommodation fee during the coursework. After the course work is over, participants will be given accommodation in the campus in lieu of a modest fee of Rs. 1000/- per day.
Semester Zero (tentatively July - September) is optional for participants with a PGDM/EPGDM/MBA degree/diploma but compulsory for all others.
Last Date for submission of Application :5th May 2022
Interview dates - 2nd week of June, 2022
Joining dates - July 2022
We will arrange your accommodation in the campus in lieu of a nominal expense. The travel expenditure will not be provided.
No. If selected, you need to physically come to our campus on the specified days to appear for the interview.
The duration of the programme is between three to five years. Beyond this duration, the participant needs to re-register.
There is no fixed number of seats. We will admit you as long as you are found suitable for the programme.
Yes. You are indeed welcome to visit our campus. Please contact the PhD (Practice Track) Programme Office by phone (495-2809 380/381) or email, and a meeting can be arranged with the Programme Chair/ Officer-in-Charge/Present Doctoral Student(s)/Faculty Member(s) who will be able to answer your questions.
Yes. Indian citizenship is not a prerequisite for admission to this programme.
There is no age limit.
If you have a dream to do management research, you can pursue your dream. After the successful defence of your doctoral thesis, you will be awarded PhD in management. Our students are routinely placed as faculty members (or equivalent) in reputed universities in North America, Europe, India and Middle-east.
For the first one year (Semester 0, 1 and 2), the participant is expected to take core as well as elective courses.
You can apply to a maximum of two areas of specialisation .
Yes, you can as long as you satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria. If selected, you mandatorily need to attend the Semester Zero courses (tentatively July-September).
Before the first day of the class.
Rs. 950,000/- only
There are three terms in the first year. In Semester 0 (tentatively July-September), the two visits would consist of 10 and 12 days respectively.

In Semester 1 (tentatively, October - March), the participants are expected to undertake 3 visits. Each visit would be for a period of 8 days starting Saturday of a week to ending on a Sunday of week.

In Semester 2 (tentatively April - September), the participants are expected to make 2 to 3 visits ranging from 12 days to 24 days.

From the second year onwards, the participants are expected to make a minimum of four days of visit in a quarter is mandated. However, the participant/RAC has the flexibility to make the convert the quarterly mandated visits into a single visit every semester.
No, it is a part time. You can definitely pursue the programme along with working in your job.
There is no qualifying examination for this programme.
Two-thirds of our Fellows have been placed as faculty members in prestigious National Institutes (like IIM, IIT, NITIE) and in esteemed universities in Europe, North America or Middle East. Other FPM students have received offers from reputed corporate organizations.
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