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Students' Council

Students’ affairs include a wide gamut of activities and every avenue of student life on campus. IIM Kozhikode (IIMK) prides itself on being an entirely student run campus, where the administration provides students with the chance to shape not just their two years at the institution, but also explore a myriad of other opportunities for their future.

Given this free reign, students at IIMK can experience management outside the classroom too, working for and pushing initiatives that can make a difference to students, the institute and also the environment we are a part of.

As the apex student body, the Students’ Council co-ordinates and manages all academic, extra-curricular and day-to-day activities of student life. As representatives of a diverse and eager student community, the Students’ Council exists to ease and complement the quality of life and learning at this beautiful campus.

The Students’ Council also organizes events and interactions through the year, such as International Day, to appreciate our foreign exchange students and student-faculty interactions such as an annual Food Festival representing various regions of our country. While time may not always be a luxury at business school, learning to make the most of it and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves is the main purpose of the Students’ Council.


Students Council Members
Anishaa Goyal anishaag20@iimk.ac.in
Aravind P aravindp20@iimk.ac.in
Azhakusundhareswaran K azhaku20@iimk.ac.in
Nagaramakrishna Kurra nagaramakrishnak20@iimk.ac.in
Prithvi Chaurasia prithvic20@iimk.ac.in
Rohit Alex Koshy rohita20@iimk.ac.in

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