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Working Papers

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Ayan Bhattacharya,Rudra Sensarma (2013) IIMK/WPS/140/EA/2013/26Non-linearites in emerging financial markets: Evidence from India   

Subin Sudhir,Anandhakuttan.B.Unnithan (2013) IIMK/WPS/139/MM /2013/25Rumor sharing in the marketplace: What motivates the consumer?   

Krishnadas N,R.Radhakrishna Pillai (2013) IIMK/WPS/138/ITS/2013/24Green IT at Wipro: A Sustainable Solution?   

Surya Prakash Pati (2013) IIMK/WPS/137/OB&HR/2013/23Development of a short form of employee engagement instrument    

A.F.Mathew (2013) IIMK/WPS/136/HLA/2013/22Political Economy and the Media - Marxist approach to the nature and effects of media   

T N Krishnan,Shobitha Poulose (2013) IIMK/WPS/135/OB&HR/2013/21Response rate in industrial surveys conducted in India:Trends and Implications   

Ram Kumar P N (2013) IIMK/WPS/134/QM&OM/2013/20On modeling the step fixed-charge transportation problem   

Rahul Kumar Sett (2013) IIMK/WPS/133/MM/2013/19Designing the bundle: Choose your weapon!   

Hemang Jauhari, Manish Kumar & Shailendra Singh (2013) IIMK/WPS/132/OB&HR/2013/18An Exploration into the Consequences of Organizational Citizenship Behavior for Those Who Do   

Omkumar Krishnan, Suchit Rout & Lubna Nafees (2013) IIMK/WPS/131/MM/2013/17Customer Perception of B2B Service Quality and Its Relationship to Company Image: The Case of a Global High Technology Solutions Company   

Rajesh Chakrabarti, Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Sesha Sai Ram Meka & Sudershan Kuntluru (2013) IIMK/WPS/130/FIN/2013/16Infrastructure And FDI: Evidence From District-Level Data In India   

Kausik Gangopadhyay & Kousik Guhathakurtha (2013) IIMK/WPS/129/EA/2013/15Agent Based modeling of Housing Asset Bubble: A Simple Utility Function Based Investigation   

Nandakumar, M. K. (2013) IIMK/WPS/128/STR/2013/14Strategic Planning And Organisational Performance - The Moderating Effect Of Environment   

Rani Ladha (2013) IIMK/WPS/127/FIN/2013/13Merger of Public Sector Banks in India under the Rule of Reason   

Debabrata Chatterjee (2013) IIMK/WPS/126/OB&HR/2013/12An investigation of the role of university identities on the subject and mode of their research   

Joffi Thomas, Biswarup Saha & Chandra Shekhar Satpathy (2013) IIMK/WPS/125/MM/2013/11Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Growing and Leveraging Brand Equity   

Abhilash S. Nair & Rani Ladha (2013) IIMK/WPS/124/FIN/2013/10Investor Characteristics, Investment Goals and Choice: A Test of the Mediating Effect of Social Investment Efficacy on Socially Responsible Investing Behaviour in India   

Rani Ladha (2013) IIMK/WPS/123/FIN/2013/09Healthcare Accreditation: A Game-Theoretic View   

Deepak Dhayanithy (2013) IIMK/WPS/122/STR/2013/08Patterns of PED[1] Test Sanctions in Professional Sports - Baseline and Implications for Research   

Abhilash S Nair (2013) IIMK/WPS/121/ FIN/2013/07Existence of Capital Market Equilibrium In The Presence Of Herding and Feedback Trading   

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