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Working Papers

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Nitin Kumar & Rudra Sensarma (2015) IIMK/WPS/184/EA/2015/020Efficiency of Micro Finance Institutions in India: A stochastic distance function approach    

Ankita Tandon, Unnikrishnan K. Nair (2015) IIMK/WPS/183/OB&HR/2015/019Enactment of knowledge brokering: Agents, roles, processes and the impact of immersion   

Priya Nair Rajeev, Suresh Kalagnanam (2015) IIMK/WPS/182/OB&HR/2015/18Section 135 of Companies Act (2013): Implementation challenges faced by Companies and NGOs   

Anubha Sekhar Sinha, Sougata Ray, Preet S. Aulakh (2015) IIMK/WPS/181/STR/2015/17Is institutional traction a double edged sword? : a case of state owned enterprises   

Anubha Sekhar Sinha, Sougata Ray, Preet S. Aulakh (2015) IIMK/WPS/180/STR/2015/16Institutional traction: how state owned enterprises can harness their position from their institutional context?   

Manoranjan Dhal (2015) IIMK/WPS/179/OB&HR/2015/015Deregulation of labour market: A comparative study of secondary sector in India and China   

Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Samrat Bhattacharya & Rudra Sensarma (2015) IIMK/WPS/178/EA/2015/14An Analysis of the Factors Determining Crime in England and Wales: A Quantile Regression Approach   

Abhilash Nair, Vinod R (2015) IIMK/WPS/177/FIN/2015/13Determinants of allocative, scale and scope efficiencies of Indian banks   

Sofia Amaral, Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Rudra Sensarma (2015) IIMK/WPS/176/EA/2015/12Public work programmes and gender-based violence: the case of NREGA in India   

Priya Nair & Subramanian Kalpathi (2015) IIMK/WPS/175/OB&HR/2015/11Readying for Change: Use of Improvisation in Change Management Training   

Anubha Shekhar Sinha & Priya Nair Rajeev (2015) IIMK/WPS/174/OB&HR/2015/10Social Obligation: Proposing a Compliment to Psychological Contract   

Shovan Chowdhury (2015) IIMK/WPS/173/QM&OM/2015/09Bayes Estimation with Bivariate Prior in M=M=1 Queues   

Ramprasath, L (2015) IIMK/WPS/172/FIN/2015/08Role of Stylized features in constructing estimators for regime switching models   

Deepa Sethi (2015) IIMK/WPS/171/HLA/2015/07Computer-Related Health Issues Among White-Collar Employees: Communicating An Action Plan   

Rani S. Ladha (2015) IIMK/WPS/170/FIN/2015/06Gaps in the National Accreditation Standards   

Lakshman Chandrashekhar, Linh Chi Vo & Rani S. Ladha (2015) IIMK/WPS/169/FIN/2015/05Equity Portfolio Incentives to CEOs for Downsizing: Differential impacts on survivors vs. victims in three countries   

Kausik Gangopadhyay (2015) IIMK/WPS/168/EA/2015/04Sexual Violence: A Model of OccupationalChoice and Gender Wage Gap   

Surya Prakash Pati (2015) IIMK/WPS/167/OB&HR/2015/03Measurement of karma yoga: Development and validation of karma yoga instrument (kyi-6)    

Manish Kumar & Hemang Jauhari (2015) IIMK/WPS/166/OB&HR/2015/02Satisfaction of Learning, Performance, and Relatedness Needs at Work and Employees Organizational Identification   

Surya Prakash Pati ( (2015) IIMK/WPS/165/OB&HR/2015/01Work engagement and work alienation: distinct or opposites?    

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