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Working Papers

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Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy & Anand Gurumurthy (2014) IIMK/WPS/161/QM&OM/2014/19Lean thinking in healthcare sector: Experience from an Indian Hospital    

Deepa Sethi (2014) IIMK/WPS/160/HLA/2014/18Executive Perceptions of top 10 soft skills at work: Developing these through SAIF    

Ashish Rastogi & Surya Prakash Pati (2014) IIMK/WPS/159/OB&HR/2014/17Towards a conceptualization of Karma Yoga    

Naveen C. Amblee & Tung X. Bui (2014) IIMK/WPS/158/MM/2014/16Value Proposition and Social Proof in Online Deals: How to Predict Sales and Pick Winners on Groupon   

Naveen C. Amblee (2014) IIMK/WPS/157/MM/2014/15Analysis of the Impact of Online Product Reviews on Temporal and Cognitive Search Costs: An Eye-Tracking Approach    

Rahat Ullah, Wonjoon Kim, Naveen C. Amblee, Hyunjong Lee & Alice Oh (2014) IIMK/WPS/156/MM/2014/14Do emotions matter? Exploring the distribution of emotions in online product reviews   

Kausik Gangopadhyay, Abhishek Jangir & Rudra Sensarma (2014) IIMK/WPS/155/EA/2014/13Forecasting the price of gold: An error correction approach   

Hemang Jauhari, Manish Kumar & Shailendra Singh (2014) IIMK/WPS/153/OB&HR /2014/11Employee Brand Building Behavior: Scale Development & Validation In B2b Services Context   

Nandakumar, M. K. (2014) IIMK/WPS/152/STR/2014/10Strategic Planning and Performance - A Systematic Review of the Literature   

Pankaj Kumar Baag (2014) IIMK/WPS/151/FIN /2014/09Predicting the probability of default Using asset correlation of a loan portfolio   

Manoranjan Dhal (2014) IIMK/WPS/150/OB&HR /2014/08Impact Of Hr Practices On Union Management Relationship: Evidence From India    

Manoranjan Dhal (2014) IIMK/WPS/149/OB&HR /2014/07 A Qualitative Study of Training Effectiveness   

Shovan Chowdhury (2014) IIMK/WPS/148/QM&OM/2014/06Compounded Generalized Weibull Distributions - A Unified Approach   

Ankita Tandon & Unnikrishnan K. Nair (2014) IIMK/WPS/147/OB&HR /2014/05Implicit Boundaries, Boundary Configurations And Key Agents: Tracing Social Enterprise Learning   

Rudra Sensarma (2014) IIMK/WPS/146/EA/2014/04Determinants Of Crime Across Conflict And Non-Conflict States In India   

Sujay K Mukhoti (2014) IIMK/WPS/145/QM&OM/2014/03Dynamic Feedback E ect And Skewness In Non-Stationary Stochastic Volatility Model With Leverage   

Shovan Chowdhury,Amitava Mukherjee,Asok K. Nanda (2014) IIMK/WPS/144/QM&OM/2014/02On a two-parameter discrete distribution and its applications   

Shovan Chowdhury,Amitava Mukherjee,Subha Chakraborti (2014) IIMK/WPS/143/QM&OM/2014/01Distribution-free cusum control chart for joint monitoring of location and scale   

Kousik Guhathakurta (2013) IIMK/WPS/142/FIN/2013/28Investigating the nonlinear dynamics of emerging and developed stock markets   

Deepa Sethi (2013) IIMK/WPS/141/HLA/2013/27Nonverbal Communication In doctor-Patient Interaction: An Exploratory Study Of Three Major cities of Kerala (India)   

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