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Working Papers

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Pradeep Kumar Hota & Sumit Mitra (2018) IIMK/WPS/261/STR/2018/05Resource Management in social enterprises: A review and a theoretical framework for future research   

Vidya Sukumara Panicker, Sumit Mitra & Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2018) IIMK/WPS/260/STR/2018/04Ownership in Emerging Market Firms and International investments: Board independence and CEO duality as Moderators   

Vidya Sukumara Panicker, Sumit Mitra & Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2018) IIMK/WPS/259/STR/2018/03 Nominee directors on Indian boards: Direct and moderated influence on international investments   

Monalisa Mahaptra & Surya Prakash Pati (2018) IIMK/WPS/258/OB & HR/2018/02Can meaningful work mitigate the impact of technostress creators? Evidence from India   

Anupriya Khan & M P Sebastian (2018) IIMK/WPS/257/ITS/2018/01Understanding the Human, Managerial and Organizational Aspects of Information Security Management: A Literature Review   

Pankaj Kumar Baag & Kavitha P (2017) IIMK/WPS/256/FIN/2017/40Philosophies and tradition of accounting research   

Shubhasis Dey & Aravind Sampath (2017) IIMK/WPS/255/EA/2017/39Return and Volatility Spillovers: An Evaluation of Indias Demonetization Policy   

Amarjit Kundu & Shovan Chowdhury (2017) IIMK/WPS/254/QM&OM/2017/38Stochastic Comparisons of Lifetimes of Two Series and Parallel Systems with Location-Scale Family Distributed Components having Archimedean Copulas   

Shubhasis Dey (2017) IIMK/WPS/253/EA/2017/37Sources of Uncertainty and the Indian Economy   

Shubhasis Dey & Aravind Sampath (2017) IIMK/WPS/252/EA/2017/36Dynamic Linkages between Gold and Equity Prices: Evidence from Indian Financial Services and Information Technology Companies   

Sanjukta Sarkar & Rudra Sensarma (2017) IIMK/WPS/251/EA/2017/35Risk Taking Channel of Monetary Policy: A Review of the Evidence and Some Preliminary Results for India   

Suram Balasubrahmanyam (2017) IIMK/WPS/250/STR/2017/34Flexible Customer Value Proposition and Firm Performance   

Rameshan, P. (2017) IIMK/WPS/249/STR/2017/33Personal Strategy as Driver of Leader Behaviour: An Exploratory Conceptual Framework    

Rameshan Pallikara (2017) IIMK/WPS/249/STR/2017/33Personal Strategy as Driver of Leader Behaviour: An Exploratory Conceptual Framework    

Suram Balasubrahmanyam (2017) IIMK/WPS/248/STR/2017/32Flexible Product Development and Firm Performance   

Pankaj Kumar Baag (2017) IIMK/WPS/247/FIN/2017/31Indian Bank’s Performance in the framework of Policies & Principles of Financial Inclusion   

Subhasree Mukherjee & Deepak Dhayanithy (2017) IIMK/WPS/246/STR/2017/30Effect of Inter-organizational Network on TMT – Entry Mode Choice relationship   

Subhasree Mukherjee & Deepak Dhayanithy (2017) IIMK/WPS/245/STR/2017/29Network Memory, Cultural Distance and the Ebb and Flow of International Resources – Evidence from 20 years of Professional Player Transfers to Big-five European Soccer Leagues   

SSS Kumar (2017) IIMK/WPS/244/FIN/2017/28Sensex and Nifty indices - Are they the right Benchmarks for mutual funds in India?   

Rinki Srivastava, Surya Prakash Pati, Pankaj Kumar (2017) IIMK/WPS/243/OB&HR/2017/27Validation of a Quick Engagement Inventory (QEI-9)   

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