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Working Papers

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Neetha Azeez, Unnikrishnan K Nair, & S. Jeyavelu (2019) IIMK/WPS/300/OB & HR/2019/04Perceived Workplace Romance Motives and Their Consequences   

Neetha Azeez, Unnikrishnan K Nair, & S. Jeyavelu (2019) IIMK/WPS/299/OB & HR/2019/03Perceived Workplace Romance Motives and Their Measurement   

Neetha Azeez, Unnikrishnan K Nair, & S. Jeyavelu (2019) IIMK/WPS/298/OB & HR/2019/02Factors Influencing Co-Worker’s Attribution of Workplace Romance Motives   

Amarjit Kundu & Shovan Chowdhury (2019) IIMK/WPS/297/QM & OM/2019/01Ordering properties of the largest order statistics from Kumaraswamy-G models under random shocks   

Deepak Dhayanithy, & Subhasree Mukherjee (2018) IIMK/WPS/296/SM/2018/40Exploring the Legality of Global Poker Industry: Special Emphasis on India   

Deepak Dhayanithy (2018) IIMK/WPS/295/SM/2018/39Learning Experiences of Expert Poker Players (LEEPP): Diverse Coaching Cube Inputs.   

Ramprasath, L. (2018) IIMK/WPS/294/FIN/2018/38A simpler algorithm to price American Lookback options in a discrete stochastic volatility model   

Mohammed Shahid Abdulla, & Shalabh Bhatnagar (2018) IIMK/WPS/293/ITS/2018/37LSPI-CAS: Least-Squares Policy Iteration for Compact Action Set MDPs   

Manoranjan Dhal (2018) IIMK/WPS/292/OB&HR/2018/36Labour Stand: The face of precarious construction workers in India   

Manoranjan Dhal (2018) IIMK/WPS/291/OB&HR/2018/35Labour management relationship among non-regular workers in Japanese automobile sector   

Shovan Chowdhury (2018) IIMK/WPS/290/QM&OM/2018/34Time Truncated Acceptance Sampling Plans for Fréchet Model   

Joffi Thomas (2018) IIMK/WPS/289/MM/2018/33Marketing Concept: Examining AMA Definitions and Evolution over Years   

Fathima Siyanan P & Omkumar Krishnan (2018) IIMK/WPS/288/MM/2018/32Impact of Family as an Agent of Consumer Socialization in Urban Indian Households   

Joffi Thomas (2018) IIMK/WPS/287/MM/2018/31Sustainability Concerns, Digitisation and Globalisation: Impact on Marketing Thought and Practice   

Omkumar Krishnan (2018) IIMK/WPS/286/MM/2018/30Balancing Service competitiveness and Skill Gap in Globalised India   

Deva Prasad M (2018) IIMK/WPS/285/HLA/2018/29Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015: An Analysis of Impact on Commercial Disputes Resolution in India   

Krishnan Jeesha, Sumod S D, Prashant Premkumar & Shovan Chowdhury (2018) IIMK/WPS/284/QM&OM/2018/28Does Story Really Matter In The Movie Industry? : Pre-Production Stage Predictive Models   

Atanu Adhikari (2018) IIMK/WPS/283/MM/2018/27Managing Promise for Competitive Marketing Advantage   

Atanu Adhikari (2018) IIMK/WPS/282/MM/2018/26Stochastic Consumer Behavior and Brownian Motion   

Pankaj Kumar Baag & Kavitha P (2018) IIMK/WPS/281/FIN/2018/25The case of a rural branch of an Indian Public Sector Bank: Innovation through Learning and Thinking Lean with a Managerial Performance Perspective   

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