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Working Papers

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Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2019) IIMK/WPS/320/SM/2019/11Internationalization and Performance of firms from emerging markets - Clusters and Business Groups - Substitutes or Complements   

Venkataraman S (2019) IIMK/WPS/319/SM/2019/10Stakeholder Approach to Corporate Sustainability: A Review   

Sudershan Kuntluru (2019) IIMK/WPS/318/FIN/2019/02Share Buybacks in India: An Empirical Analysis   

Sudershan Kuntluru (2019) IIMK/WPS/317/FIN/2019/01Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance: Indian Evidence   

Shovan Chowdhury (2019) IIMK/WPS/316/QM&OM/2019/07Selection between Exponential and Lindley distributions   

Sebastian MP (2019) IIMK/WPS/315/ITS/2019/02Smart Hospitals: Challenges and Opportunities   

Sanal Kumar Velayudhan (2019) IIMK/WPS/314/MM/2019/04Factors influencing online shopping in rural India: A review   

Sabiha Ghazali & Omkumar Krishnan (2019) IIMK/WPS/313/MM/2019/03Determinants of Cloud based transformation in Hotel Industry   

Omkumar Krishnan (2019) IIMK/WPS/312/MM/2019/02Skill based Curriculum and Employability in India   

Fathima Siyana P & Omkumar Krishnan (2019) IIMK/WPS/311/MM/2019/01Emergence of Experiential Marketing – A Critical Review   

Leena Mary Eapen (2019) IIMK/WPS/310/ECO/2019/12Who Makes Decisions at the Household Level? A Study in Indian Context   

Ashok Thomas (2019) IIMK/WPS/309/ECO/2019/11Participation Puzzle revisited: Role of Cognition and Non-cognition   

Anindita Paul (2019) IIMK/WPS/308/ITS/2019/01Ayurveda Corrective Center for the Disabled   

Deepak Dhayanithy (2019) IIMK/WPS/307/SM/2019/09Evidence from India of Player Skill in Online Poker (Cash & Tournaments) and Comparison with Golf (PGA) and Tennis (ATP)   

Sthanu R. Nair, & Leena Mary Eapen (2019) IIMK/WPS/306/ECO/2019/10Food Inflation in India: An Analysis of Recent Trends   

Sthanu R. Nair (2019) IIMK/WPS/305/ECO/2019/09Suicides by Occupational Group in India – Where do the Farmers Stand?   

Sumod S D, & Rajesh Srinivas Upadhyayula (2019) IIMK/WPS/304/SM/2019/08Board Social Capital And Corporate Environmental Performance: Evidence From India   

Sthanu R. Nair, Sai Shiva Jayanth Reddy, & Devaprasad, M (2019) IIMK/WPS/303/ECO/2019/07A Policy and Regulatory Analysis of India’s Model Contract Farming Legislation   

Jimut Bahan Chakrabarty, Shovan Chowdhury, & Soumya Roy (2019) IIMK/WPS/302/QM & OM/2019/06Optimum life test plan for products sold under warranty having Type-I generalized hybrid censored Weibull distributed lifetimes   

Shovan Chowdhury (2019) IIMK/WPS/301/QM & OM/2019/05On the Estimation of Performance Measures in a Single M/Ek/1 Queue   

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