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Working Papers

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T.N.Krishnan (2010) IIMK/WPS/66/OB&HR/2010/05A New Conceptualization of Career System, Its Dimensions and Proposed Measures   

Joffi Thomas;Arora A P (2010) IIMK/WPS/65/MM/2010/04Modeling Trust in Customer Relationships   

Rupesh Kumar Pati;Prem Vrat;Pradeep Kumar (2010) IIMK/WPS/64/QM&OM/2010/03Measuring Demand Amplification in a Closed Loop Supply Chain   

Abhik Ghosh;Kausik Gangopadhyay;B.Basu (2010) IIMK/WPS/62/EA/2010/01.Consumer Expenditure Distribution In India, 1983-2007: Evidence Of Long Pareto Tail   

Debabrata Chatterjee (2010) IIMK/WPS/163/OB&HR/2010/02Identity and conflicts in nonprofit Caregiving organizations   

Kausik Gangopadhyay;Abhirup Sarkar (2009) IIMK/WPS/61/EA/2009/17.Demand for Education:Is Culture a major Determinant?   

Joffi Thomas (2009) IIMK/WPS/60/MM/2009/16.Trust in Customer Relationships: Addressing Impediments in Research.   

R.Sthanumoorthy (2009) IIMK/WPS/59/EA/2009/15.The Impact of Tax Rate Differentials on The Tax Revenues The Case of Sales Tax Competition Among a Group of Border-Sharing Indian States   

Rupesh Kumar Pati (2009) IIMK/WPS/58/QM&OM/2009/14.Economic Manufacturing of Paper By Blending Competing Materials   

Pritibhushan Sinha (2009) IIMK/WPS/57/QM&OM/2009/13An Empirical Goodness-of-Fit Test Based on Deviations in Variable Values   

T. N. Krishnan (2009) IIMK/WPS/56/OB&HR/2009/12Technological Change and Employment Relations in India   

Debabrata Chatterjee (2009) IMK/WPS/55/OB&HR/2009/11.Innovativeness of Product Innovation Teams Exploring the Intervening Effects of Knowledge Processes   

P. R. Bhatt (2009) IIMK/WPS/54/STR/2009/10Competitiveness of India and China: A Comparison   

Pritibhushan Sinha (2009) IIMK/WPS/53/QM&OM/2009/09A Distribution-Fitting Method of Regression   

Sanjay Jharkharia (2009) IIMK/WPS/52/OM&QM/2009/08Advanced IT-Based Logistics Capabilities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage   

Manoj Agarwal;Mansoor Baig;Chiranjivi GVS, Namrata Chauhan, (2009) IIMK/WPS/50/ 2009/06Rethinking The Recruitment Process: Time For Change   

Kulbhushan Balooni;Chetan Kumar;Makoto Inoue (2009) IIMK/WPS/49/EA/2009/05Can decentralized forest governance mitigate domination by state and local elites? Evidence from Indias Shiwaliks   

Bala Batavia;Parameswar Nandakumar;Cheick Wague (2009) IIMK/WPS/48/EA/2009/ 04Domestic and International Determinants of Bond Yields   

Almukhtar Al-Abri, Bala Batavia, Parameswar Nandakumar & Chcick Wague (2009) IIMK/WPS/46/ECO/2009/02Regional And Global Financial Integration Of The Gulf Co-Operation Community Countries   

P. Rameshan (2009) IIMK/ WPS/45/ STR/2009/01Optimum Quality As Strategy   

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