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Working Papers

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Kausik Gangopadhyay; Kamal Singh (2012) IIMK/WPS/105/EA/2012/08.Extent of Poverty in India: A Different Dimension   

Krishna K. Ladha (2012) IIMK/WPS/104/EA/2012/07.Aristotles Politics: On Constitutions, Justice, Laws and Stability   

Krishna K. Ladha (2012) IIMK/WPS/103/EA/2012/06.Perfection of the Jury Rule by Rule-Reforming Voters   

Krishna K. Ladha; Gary J. Miller (2012) IIMK/WPS/102/EA/2012/05.The Paradox of Unbiased Public Information   

Saji Gopinath; Abhilash Nair (2012) IIMK/WPS/101/FIN/2012/04Kerala Infrastructre Bonds: A new mechanism for smoothening the land acquisition process   
Sanal Kumar Velayudhan (2012) IIMK/WPS/101/MKTG/2012/ 04Influence of Community Orientation and the Use Of Non-Price Attributes on the Brand Preference Of Rural Consumers   

Reena Kohli (2012) IIMK/WPS/100/FIN/2012/03.Impact of earnout offers on the acquiring company wealth gains in cross border acquisitions   

Saptarshi Purkayastha (2012) IlMK/WPS/100/STR/ 2012/03Are Business Group Affiliation Advantages and Diversification Premium Contingent on Macro-Economic Environments? Evidence from India   

Sthanu R Nair;Leena Mary Eapen (2011) IIMK/WPS/97/EA/2011/17.Food Price Inflation in India: A Commodity-wise Analysis of the Causal Factors   

G Sridhar; Anandakuttan B Unnithan; Charanyan Iyengar; Rashmi Gupta; Devendra Kumar (2011) IIMK/WPS/96/MM/2011/16.Value-consciousness, Ethical Position and Perceived Risk Influence on Attitude towards Music Piracy among Indian Young Adult   

Shubhasis Dey;Sthanu R Nair (2011) IIMK/WPS/95/EA/2011/15.Impact of Deregulation of Government Securities Market on Interest Costs of the States in India   

Kausik Gangopadhyay; Banasri Basu (2011) IIMK/WPS/94/EA/2011/14.A Tale of Indian Cities: 1981-2010   

Kulbhushan Balooni; Kausik Gangopadhyay; Sudeep Turakhia; Karthik. R. G (2011) IIMK/WPS/93/EA/2011/13Challenges in the Sustainability of a Targeted Health Care Initiative in India   

Manish Kumar;Shailendra Singh (2011) IIMK/WPS/92/OB&HR/2011/12.Learning and performance needs fulfillment and employees' attachment to the organization   

Nishant Dasgupta;G. Anand (2011) IIMK/WPS/91/QM&OM/2011/11.Implementation of lean manufacturing in India - A meta-data analysis   

Varsha Singh; (2011) IIMK/WPS/90/OB&HR/2011/10Role of quantitative and non-quantitative skills in business education: Testing two key outcomes of an MBA program   

Rakesh Basant;Pankaj Chandra;Rajesh S Upadhyayula (2011) IIMK/WPS/89/STR/2011/09.Knowledge Flows and Capability Building in the IndianĀ  IT Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Cluster and Non-Cluster Locations   

Varsha Singh; (2011) IIMK/WPS/88/OB&HR/2011/08Factors predicting academic and economic outcome of a business management program   

Sthanu R Nair;Leena Mary Eapen (2011) IIMK/WPS/87/EA/2011/08Foodgrain Management and Prices in India: Lessons and New Perspectives from Recent Experience with Food Inflation   

Anandakuttan B Unnithan (2011) IIMK/WPS/86/MM/2011/07Susceptibility to Television Advertising: Some Evidence on Unidimensionality and Validity   

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