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Working Papers

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Abhilash S. Nair & Rani Ladha (2013) IIMK/WPS/124/FIN/2013/10Investor Characteristics, Investment Goals and Choice: A Test of the Mediating Effect of Social Investment Efficacy on Socially Responsible Investing Behaviour in India   

Rani Ladha (2013) IIMK/WPS/123/FIN/2013/09Healthcare Accreditation: A Game-Theoretic View   

Deepak Dhayanithy (2013) IIMK/WPS/122/STR/2013/08Patterns of PED[1] Test Sanctions in Professional Sports - Baseline and Implications for Research   

Abhilash S Nair (2013) IIMK/WPS/121/ FIN/2013/07Existence of Capital Market Equilibrium In The Presence Of Herding and Feedback Trading   

Reena Kohli (2013) IIMK/WPS/120/ FIN/2013/06Long run financial performance of cross border acquisitions of Indian acquiring companies and determinants thereof   

Reena Kohli (2013) IIMK/WPS/119/ FIN/2013/05Earnouts a risk mitigating strategy for cross border acquisitions in India   

Sanal Kumar Velayudhan (2013) IIMK/WPS/118/MM/2013/04Differences in Perception of Value between Urban and Rural Consumers   

Deepak Dhayanithy (2013) IIMK/WPS/117/STR/2013/03What drives performance - diversity, selectivity, experience or methodology?   

Krishna K. Ladha (2013) IIMK/WPS/116/EA/2013/02Strategic Opportunities for Quality in Higher Education in India   

Sthanu R. Nair;Leena Mary Eapen (2013) IIMK/WPS/115/EA/2013/01Agrarian performance and food price inflation in India: Insights and lessons from Pre- and Post- economic liberalisation experiences   

Surya Prakash Pati (2012) IIMK/WPS/99/OB&HR/2012/02Development of a Measure of Employee Engagement    

Kulbhushan Balooni; Vineetha Menon; Shilpa M. Asokan (2012) IIMK/WPS/98/EA/2012/01.The role of state in lift irrigation schemes of the pre-decentralisation era   

Saptarshi Purkayastha (2012) IIMK/WPS/114/STR/2012/17Diversification Strategy and Firm Performance   

Debabrata Chatterjee (2012) IIMK/WPS/113/ OB&HR /2012/16University Isomorphism, Globalization of Western Science and the prospects of local Knowledge Systems   

Manish Kumar; Shailendra Singh; Himanshu Rai; Abhijit Bhattacharya (2012) IIMK/WPS/111/OB&HR/2012/14Measuring humane orientation of organizations through social exchange and organizational identification facilitation and control of burnout and intent to quit   

Mahuya Adhikary; Atanu Adhikari (2012) IIMK/WPS/110/MM/2012/13.The effects of economic and time resources: an Inter-individual analysis of information seeking   

Mahuya Adhikary; Atanu Adhikari; Chaitali Dutta (2012) IIMK/WPS/109/MM/2012/12.Micro Modeling of Individual Level Information Seeking Behavior: A Heterogeneity Specific Study   

Atanu Adhikari (2012) IIMK/WPS/108/MM/2012/11.Differentiating Subjective and Objective Product Attributes For Pricing Experience Products:   

Kousik Guhathakurta; Sharad Nath Bhattacharya; Mousumi Bhattacharya (2012) IIMK/WPS/107/FIN/2012/10Exploring Presence of Long Memory in Emerging and Developed Stock Markets   

Kausik Gangopadhyay; Debasis Mondal (2012) IIMK/WPS/106/EA/2012/09.Does stronger protection of intellectual property Stimulate innovation?   

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