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S.Jeyavelu (2006) IIMK/CS/43/OB&HR/2006/01Bharat petroleum corporation Ltd (A)   
Ernesto Noronha (2005) IIMK/CS/42/OB&HR/2005/03A Study on the Kerala Headload workers: Recent Changes and Future Prospects   
Unnikrishnan Nair& V. Jain. (2005) IIMK/CS/40/OB&HR/2005/01The stolen ring: Zen Gopal In Ind-soft (A)  Case Folio   
Parameswar Nandakumar and Bala Batavia (2005) IIMK/CS/01/ECO/2005/01Inclusion and Exclusion with Economic Integration: The Case of EU, NAFTA and ASEAN   
P.R. Bhatt. (2004) IIMK/CS/70/STR/2004/01Product Innovation and Customization - A case of Canon   
Sharath Murali & Premilla D Cruz (2004) IIMK/CS/39/OB&HR/2004/1Creativity in click cricket.com   
Sunil Sahadev (2004) IIMK/CS/10/MM/2004/02Distribution Channel Management   
Sunil Sahadev (2004) IMK/CS/09/MM/2004/01The Aryavaidyasala   
Ernesto Noronha & Premilla D Cruz (2003) IIMK/CS/38/OB&HR/2003/01The process of downsizing in a manufacturing sector organization   
S.S.S. Kumar (2003) IIMK/FIN/2003/1Ganesh Sugars Limited   
P.R. Bhatt (2003) IIMK/SM/2003/1Market Innovative Strategy and Best Practices: A Case of LG Electronics   
Tapan Panda (2003) IIMK/CS/08/MM/2003/02ICICI Bank - On Financial Services Marketing for Indira Gandhi National Open University   
T.P.Panda, (2003) IIMK/CS/07/MM/2003/01Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing company on product support services   
Tapan Panda (2003) IIMK/CS/07/MM/2003/01Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Company on Product Support Services   
P.R. Bhatt. (2002) IIMK/CS/68/STR/2002/02Strategy of Customization – A case of Nokia   
P.R. Bhatt. (2002) IIMK/CS/67/STR/2002/01Collaboration and Competitiveness: A Case Study of Nokia   
Saji Gopinath (2002) IIMK/CS/60/QM&OM/2002/04MIS in Kailash Automobiles Company   
Saji Gopinath (2002) IIMK/CS/59/QM&OM/2002/03Small is beautiful: Manufacturing Marketing Dilemma at Signode Tracko Components Ltd: PCB Division   
Saji Gopinath. (2002) IIMK/CS/58/QM&OM/2002/02Multi Plant Operations: The case of Tea leaf Allocations   
Saji Gopinath (2002) IIMK/CS/57/QM&OM/ 2002/01 The storm in a tea cup: A case of synchronising flows   

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