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Sumit Mitra, Justin Paul & Zalina Rosli (2014) IIMK/CS/77/STR/2014/01Malaysia’s Genting: Gambling on the West.   
Priya Nair Rajeev, Sumit Mitra, Suresh Kalagnanam (2014) IIMK/CS/50/OB&HR/2014/01 Graamsudhaar: Implications Of Section 135 For NGOs   

Gopalakrishnan, N., & Moser, R. (2014) Providing access to water in remote areas: Trunz water systems in India   
Deepak Dhayanithy (2013) IIMK/CS/76/STR/2013/01Aspire Foundation - Charting a social bricoleur’s growth.   
Anand Gurumurthy & Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy (2013) IIMK/CS/63/QM&OM/2013/01Launch of Roulette – a premium brandy in India by JDPL   
Surya Prakash Pati,Manoranjan Dhal,Gurumurthy Narayanamurthy & P. K.Hota (2013) IIMK/CS/49/OB&HR/2013/01Maruti Manesar plant lockout: the flip side of people management.   
Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy, Pradeep Kumar Hota & Surya Prakash Pati (2013) IIMK/CS/49/OB&HR/2013/01Maruti Manesar plant lockout   
Sanal Kumar Velayudhan & Kochouseph Chittilappilly (2013) IIIMK/CS/27/MM/2013/04Wonder La   
Anandakuttan Unnithan, Biju Varkkey, & Joshy Jacob (2013) IIIMK/CS/26/MM/2013/03Popular Vehicles and Services Ltd.: The Challenge of Growing a Family Business   
Guda Sridhar, Vaibhav Chawla & Deep Singh (2013) IIMK/CS/25/MM/2013/02CCI Last Mile Distribution Challenge   
Guda Sridhar, Vaibhav Chawla & Deep Singh (2013) IIMK/CS/25/MM/2013/02Candy and Chocolate India (CCI): Last Mile Distribution Challenge.    
Atanu Adhikari & S. P. Raj (2013) IIMK/CS/24/MM/2013/01Indraprastha Cold Storage Ltd: Value Added Strategy in an Emerging Market   
Sudershan Kuntluru,David J Sharp,Paritosh Basu & Sanjay Chauhan (2013) IIMK/CS/04/FIN/2013/02ESSAR ENERGY: INDIAN GAAP, US GAAP OR IFRS? (B)   
Sudershan Kuntluru,David J. Sharp,Paritosh Basu & Sanjay Chauhan (2013) IIMK/CS/03/FIN/2013/01Essar Energy: Indian GAAP, U.S. GAAP or IFRS? (A)   
Sumit Mitra & Albert Wee Kwan Tan (2012) IIMK/CS/75/STR/2012/02Lessons learned from large construction project in Saudi Arabia. Benchmarking: An International Journal   
Deepak Dhayanithy & Saji Gopinath (2012) IIMK/CS/74/STR/2012/01Vibram Five fingers - Blue ocean strategy ?   
Omkumar Krishnan,Harvinder Singh,Lubna Nafees & Kaushik Datta (2012) IIMK/CS/23/MM/2012/02Narrowing the Last Mile Gap in Rural Distribution: Through the Looking Glass of a Distributor   
Atanu Adhikari & Rama Deshmukh (2012) IIMK/CS/22/MM/2012/01Idea Forge: Mechanical Charger   
Ramachandran. L. L., Radhakrishna Pillai. R. & Sebastian. M. P (2012) IIMK/CS/05/ITS/2012/01Making IT Happen at BPCL Kochi Refinery: Defining New Paradigms of Operational Excellence Through IT Transformation   
Atanu Adhikari & Rama Deshmukh (2011) IIMK/CS/20/MM/2011/03Orchid Ecotel: Leveraging Green Hoteling as Core Competency   

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