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Sony Thomas (2018) IIMK/CS/93/FIN/2018/08Mr. Market, We are Happy when You are Wrong   

SSS Kumar (2018) IIMK/CS/92/FIN/2018/07The Investment Question from a Professor and a Student   

Praveen, S. (2018) IIMK/CS/91/MM/2018/06Predicting Brand Sales   

Praveen, S. (2018) IIMK/CS/90/MM/2018/05On chocolate loyalty: Kukoos Need to Reposition?   

Atanu Adhikari (2018) IIMK/CS/89/MM/2018/04Spice Jet Airlines (A)   

Joffi Thomas (2018) IIMK/CS/88/MM/2018/03Chennai Super Kings (B): Re-launching CSK in 2018   
Arqum Mateen (2018) IIMK/CS/87/QM&OM/2018/02Quiz Planning under Constraints at Biz-Compete   

L L Ramachandran, R Radhakrishna Pillai & M P Sebastian (2018) IIMK/CS/86/ITS/2018/01Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC): Scaling Beyond Ticketing   

Priya Nair Rajeev & Jatin Pandey (2018) IIMK/CS/102/OB & HR/2018/17Bending steel…Using Power in organizations   

Priya Nair Rajeev & Jatin Pandey (2018) IIMK/CS/101/OB & HR/2018/16Making in India...will influence work?   

Deepak Dhayanithy, & Subhasree Mukherjee (2018) IIMK/CS/100/STR/2018/15SEPT Football Nursery - The largest organized nursery network in India   

Velayudhan, S.K. (2018) IIMK/CS/100/MM/2018/14Thingalnagar Periodic Market   

Deepak Dhayanithy (2017) IIMK/CS/84/STR/2017/01Battle of Santiago, Ken Aston MBE, Yellow, Red and Other Considerations   

Ashutosh Sarkar & Khanindra Pathak. (2017) IIMK/CS/65/QM&OM/2017/02Bhabapur mines limited   

Ashutosh Sarkar. (2017) IIMK/CS/64/QM&OM/2017/01Inventory management at Subarnarekha Coppers Limited   

Ramanathan Jayashankar & Keyoor Purani (2017) IIMK/CS/43/MM/2017/08Vidita cleaning products vs. Rainbow market research services   
Omkumar Krishnan & Lubna Nafees (2017) IIMK/CS/42/MM/2017/07 Global Brand, Local Brand Communications – Strategy for Global Competitiveness: The case of Canon in India    
Praveen Sugathan (2017) IIMK/CS/37/MM/2017/06 2017 Hotel repositioning    
Guda Sridhar (2017) IIMK/CS/36/MM/2017/05Rajanna – Ethical Dilemma   

Keyoor Purani & Krishnan Jeesha (2017) IIMK/CS/35/MM/2017/04Impex Kitchen Appliances: Evaluating the Readers Offer   

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