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Non- Refereed Publications

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Balasubrahmanyam, S (2013) Thought Power-2., IIMK News Letter, June, 7(2): 3   
Bhave,M.P. (2013) Electric cars face charging challenge, The Hindu Business Line, May 10   
Bhave, M. P. (2013) More power to microgrids, The Hindu Business Line, June 5   
Bhave,M. P. (2013) Lets hop off the National grid , The Hindu Business Line, July 11   
Bhave,M. P. (2013) Merge for power, The Hindu Business Line, October 16   
Bhave, M. P (2013) A beautiful future for small grids, The Hindu Business Line, November 28.    
Nandakumar, M. K. (2013) FDI a Potential Boon for SME Sector., Economy and Industry, April - May.   
Nandakumar, M. K (2013) Global Opportunities for Footwear Manufacturers in Kerala , Dhanam, November.   
Sahasranamam, S., Bhave, M. P. & Ramkumar. P. N (2013) Microgrid optimization as an OR problem, OPS world, A PAN IIM Operations Magazine, 3: 36-37.    
Sahasranamam, S., Dasgupta, S., Asati, A., Singh, R. & Debnath, A. (2013) Powering villages with renewable energy co-ops, The Hindu Business Line, November 25.   
Bhave, M. P. (2013) Microgrids by mail can contribute to rural electrification., March 15.   
Bhave, M. P. (2013) Our railway network is a huge dustbin. The Hindu Business Line, March 21.   
Chatterjee, D. (2013) Elections 2014: Rethinking democracy. The Economic Times, January 26.    
Nandakumar, M. K. (2013) FDI a potential boon for SME sector. Economy and Industry, 1 (6), April- May.    
Raman, V. G (2013) Wen to leave behind a busy legacy. China Daily, March 4.    
Sensarma, R. (2013) Banking on reform. The Indian Express, January 15   
Raman, V. G (2013) Decentralization and Supervision, China Daily, November 5.   
Bhave, M. P. (2012) A chance for Scindia to light up India. The Hindu Business Line, November 29.    
Bhave, M. P. (2012) Solar power, Amul style. The Hindu Business Line, November 2.   
Bhave, M. P. (2012) Watch your e-mail lan- guage. The Hindu Business Line, December 3.   

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